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  1. Also, I just found out that I will have GSX Jet ways all in the air floating and not on the ground on the stand.
  2. Hello, I recently purchased the Aerosoft EDDF Professional Airport for P3D v4 and GSX Level 2. However I am having some issues with figuring out using the Jetways. I installed the SODE download that came with the EDDF airport and activated it. However in doing so I am unable to change features of the jetway that you would be able to do with GSX Level 2. In addition, when I deactivate the SODE feature from EDDF and try to use a different method to use jetways that involves using the GSX Level 2 Control panel, the original jetways do not disappear even after checking the exclude jetway check box and compiling it in the GSX Control Panel. Am I doing something wrong. Do I use the SODE feature from the EDDF airport or do I need to disable it in order to be able to access the jetway features. Thanks
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