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  1. Will we be able to get more up to date pictures of the A330 soon?
  2. Is there a possibilities that the a330 will be released after the release of Prepar3D v5? And if yes, would it be compatible for both v4.5 and v5?
  3. For some reason on P3D V3 there is no check box for the avatar. Is there another option that I must click in order for me to have the ability to check the other box?
  4. So when I go into avatar mode in P3d V3, I can't get closer to the Aerosoft A318/19/20/21. It stops me and yet the avatar continues to run, is there a solution to this? Thanks
  5. never mind, its still January, but still.
  6. Hey, So I was told that the Aerosoft A330 will be coming out early 2018, and its February, what is going on. Is the project delayed or am I just over thinking "early 2018" Thanks Viele Grusse Niklas
  7. Hey, I have the A321/320/319/318 aircraft and I have been wondering how I could have a wing view that is further back. I have P3D v3.4 and that's it.
  8. Hi, Will the aerosoft A330 for p3d v3?? Thanks
  9. Hey, I‘m not here to annoy you guys about the release for the Aerosoft A330, but I just want to ask if it is being develop or has it discountenued. All I’m asking is if the a330 will come out at one point. Thanks
  10. Hey, So I tried the hotfix but I still get preopar3d to crash. I have installed 1.31 last week. If there is something else I can give about the crash please reply and I would gladly give it to you. Danke, Niklas Nowak
  11. Hello,The problem seems to be when I load the Aerosoft A320/321/319/318 I get an error that says Prepar3d has stopped working. The only addon I have is the Aerosoft Airbus A320/321/319/318. I also have the free trial for the Blackbox A332/333/343/346, but that seems to be working fine.The error that shows in the Event Viewer after Prepar3d crashes...Prepar3D.exe 588f7cbf unknown 00000000 c000041d 0c80dd00 16f4 01d340676a9d85e3 C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\Prepar3D.exe unknown c3bde1a3-214a-42f6-bb23-6a7caa3f6c55 My Pc Specs...Dell Inspiron 3847Windows 10 Home8gb RamGeforce 1050ti (The graphics card is a replacement for the old Intel integrated graphics from last November)Intel i3...3.50GHz...2 cores64 bitIf possible, replie as soon as possible.Thanks
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