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  1. Also, I just found out that I will have GSX Jet ways all in the air floating and not on the ground on the stand.
  2. Hello, I recently purchased the Aerosoft EDDF Professional Airport for P3D v4 and GSX Level 2. However I am having some issues with figuring out using the Jetways. I installed the SODE download that came with the EDDF airport and activated it. However in doing so I am unable to change features of the jetway that you would be able to do with GSX Level 2. In addition, when I deactivate the SODE feature from EDDF and try to use a different method to use jetways that involves using the GSX Level 2 Control panel, the original jetways do not disappear even after checking the exclude jetway check box and compiling it in the GSX Control Panel. Am I doing something wrong. Do I use the SODE feature from the EDDF airport or do I need to disable it in order to be able to access the jetway features. Thanks
  3. For some reason on P3D V3 there is no check box for the avatar. Is there another option that I must click in order for me to have the ability to check the other box?
  4. So when I go into avatar mode in P3d V3, I can't get closer to the Aerosoft A318/19/20/21. It stops me and yet the avatar continues to run, is there a solution to this? Thanks
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