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  1. many thanks Dave, will check that out...
  2. Hi, Yesterday, 15th feb 2020, I purchased the A320/A321 package Version 1.30. Today after doing a trail with newly installed liveries eg Easyjet and Thomson, i came across the issue that others have reported. Although in fairness, my loss of engine data on the MCDU was after changing liveries on landing... Any ideas as to the cause..?? A320/1 was installed as Admin and virus etc was turned off... Thank you.. Ps...running FSX Sp 2 and Win10 latest drivers etc etc
  3. Mopperle, many thanks for assistance. i have uninstalled original Navdata prg. Installed latest. re-downloaded airac 1912 and it seems to have installed itself ok.. will fire up fsx and Airbus to check it out... will report findings Rgds paul
  4. trying to update navadata prog now getting blocking error
  5. done that buddy but its still telling me theres an error installing... navadata prof only showing airac 1903
  6. many thanks i now seem to have lost my navdata upate file.. aarrrgghh
  7. Hi Mopperle, would that be same serial no as per navdata act settings serial number ?? ps... my Navadata programme is only showing last update as Airac 1903 not 1912 so im puzzled
  8. Hi all, Help reqd with this please. Rwcently upgraded to Win10 from Win7. Never had a problem with purchasing update via Navdata. I opt for 4 cycles per year. I have purchased the 1912 Airac and downloaded. however, on trying to install it, i get install error and failed. Tried to install manually and its now asking for a password for all files !! Never had this before !! can anyone advise how to fix please. Thank you.... Paul
  9. i just used Simbrief... mine worked fine... something must have changed in your set up i suspect
  10. Think the problem is that you are trying to enter a waypoint in the CDU... hit the INIT key first... then type in the scratchpad EGKK/LIRN enter your route should appear alongside LSK1
  11. Hi, Anyone able to do a repaint of A320 CFM engines in Royal Air Force livery with Reg ZZ320. Airbus Extended version being used... Grateful thanks Paul
  12. Hi, Anyone able to do a repaint of A320 CFM engines in Royal Air Force livery with Reg ZZ320. Airbus Extended version being used... Grateful thanks Paul
  13. If you press the ALT button you are giving control to the Aircraft... therefore it will follow the FMC... If you pull the Alt button the aircraft will start to descend
  14. I just found the hotfix for the A320/1... Posted a reply to Mathijs on his feed... Works a treat on my Acer Iconia Tablet running Android...... just need to work out how to lock the mcdu in the tablet window to stop it moving Thanks rock... Rgds A happy "Bus" jockey Paul ps.... just ran the webserver on pc.... using 2 monitors i can now have the MCDU on 2nd monitor and resized it to 10in "tablet" sized window.... even better than having it on tablet... doesnt clutter my table now when having lunch at FL350.... Thnks again guys... Paul
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