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  1. Hello fellow Pilots, I have a problem with my X-Plane 11, Sometimes when i fly with the FF A320 or the FF 767 or even the zibomod 737 the plane suddenly turns left and the complete all systems of the plane shuts down , and i cant handle it, or turn in the opposite side to save the plane in the end all that flights end with a massive crash into the ground or into the oceancs, Please give me some advice yours faithfully maybe this video can help:
  2. DLH350

    Need help !

    yes it work, many thanks
  3. DLH350

    Need help !

    @ZeeMan90 do you know about the marked bug ?
  4. When i installing liveries for the Flight Factor A320 ultimate there is a Grey stripe from the foward wing to the Nose. (look at the picture)
  5. Dear aerosoft development compartment could you do an Airbus A350-900 Addon for Fsx and p3d after youre finished the Airbus A330 addon ? best regards
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    To Aerosoft

    Hello Aerosoft when you have finished the Airbus A330 Addon. Could you make an Airbus A350-800/900/1000XWB Addon ? Best regards