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  1. Hi holgi,

          I just downloaded your RP-C8606 livery and i experienced this problem.

          Can you help me on how i can fix this problem?panel.png

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    2. francispatt


      Ohh i see. Anyways, thanks again, holgi!!

    3. EpicAirbusA310


      what is this is pictur ans where did you find the information 

    4. Lotus3xiG3


      That's solved; I know! But I just wanted to mention, that it didn't work with your new .cfg file! Same problem for me. But I fixed it with copy 'n paste the .cfg and Terrain.bmp from another working texture...


  2. Hi Capt! I just downloaded your cebu pacific livery and im wondering on how can i add the livery to my livery manager?

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    2. francispatt


      this one capt. 


    3. Captain Gunadeep

      Captain Gunadeep

      which one you're using? Extended or normal?

    4. francispatt


      normal, capt.

  3. Hi guys!

     Can you guys help me? Im having a hard time putting a livery in my A320 CFM. Everytime im trying to edit the aircraft.cfg, it doest allow me to save the file. So whenever i click save theres a pop up saying "access denied". I hope you guys can help me

    1. Tom A320

      Tom A320

      Please post your questions into the appropriate forum!

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