We are looking for two additional A330 pilots to join our advisory team.  We will ask for credentials (sorry for that), but if you are willing to assist contact us on mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com

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  1. Dear Sir, I bought FSMAP some days ago, I have to download and install this last patch 1.10 ? A great thank's in advance, beat regards. Olivier.
  2. Hello Bruce, I would like to thank you for your help, I need to ask a question in Aerosoft's members because I want to buy this addon: Lama X ( FSX+FS2004). I needs to ask a question because I would like to know if Aerosoft has to sell Download-Version of this addon ? Here one screenshot of the addon that I would like to buy with "Download-Version", please anybody can help me ? A great thank's for all and best regards. PS: I'm very sorry for my poor English. Olivier AKA skulleader.
  3. Hello, I you sendings this message on the French forum because I can't write of post on columns following one of the forum of aerosoft: New Releases. Previews of not yet released products. Anybody could explain to me why I am not authorized to write my post ? I have still write many post on this forum but there today I am not authorized. Please a moderator could help me because I have a importante question to pose on New Releases and I do not how know how to make. I want to buy an addon but before to buy it I would like asking a question in the column: New Releases, but I am not authorized to write my message. Here is a screenshot of the message which I receive when I want to write my post: A great thank's in advance and best regards. Olivier AKA Skulleader.
  4. Hello Jigsaw, Awesome skin, I really like your work. Please can you tell me if it's possible to download your great and beautiful skin because I need it : A great thank's for all and best regards, Olivier.
  5. Hello, I look for the font for a Germany skin, I work on the new skin of EC135 et I need of this font to write the number on a tail, please can you help me to found this font or police ? Here the screenshot wich show that I look for: Thank's in advance end best regards. Skull.
  6. Hello, Somebody could say to me where I can download the patch: V1.10 for the Hughes Racer H-1B SPECIAL And this patch is OK and without bug ? A great thank's for all. Skull.
  7. Salut Marty, Encore un grand merci pour la rapidité de ta réponse, j'ai vraiment hâte de voir le resultat final (quoi que je pense que tu n'est pas loin du but final). En tout cas je suis très exité à l'idée de voler avec ces deux livrées qui sont de vrai petits bijoux. Encore toutes mes felicitations pour ton admirable travail. Amitié, Skull Aka Olivier. PS: Je suis aussi membre de Pilote-virtuel sour le nom de skulleader.
  8. Salut Marty Ton travail est vraiment de toute beauté, en plus j'ai toujours trouvé cette livrée vraiment belle sur cet avion. Je me doute bien que tout le monde te pose la même question, je sais aussi que créer une skin d'un tel niveau de beauté demande du temps mais est-ce que tu pourrais nous dire si tu va sortir un pack de skins ou est-ce que tu va sortir les deux livrées que tu nous présente les unes après les autres ? Encore un grand merci pour ton travail et j'ai vraiment hâte de pouvoir piloter mon PBY avec ces deux livrées. @++ Skulleader. PS: For the English I'm sorry but for me it's more easy to speak French, Marty great work !!!!
  9. Dear Mathijs Once again your product PBY Catalina is one truth miracle In your post you want to know the new aircraft project, for me there is a project which you published on your forum, it is the Bell 205 Huey. I am a big fan of the helicopters and for my part I would like to know if you could publish this Bell 205 Huey whom I find really very beautiful ? Here we are, for me it is my fantasy : To have one day this Bell 205 Huey in my collection. Link to this Bell 205 Huey: Bell 205 A great thank's for the quality of your creations Best regards, Skulleader.
  10. Dear Shaun I would like to thank you for your help(assistant) and your kindness. You are right, H-1A does not fly the night and the pilot does not need a lighting. Once again a great thank's for all and best regards. Skull aka Olivier
  11. Hello everybody, I possess the magnificent "Hughes H-1 " and I was able to notice that with the Racer H-1A's version I can not light the cockpit the switch is out. But if I use "Hughes H-1B" I can light the cockpit, anybody could say to me if this bug is normal ? You also you noticed this difference between "H-1A" and "H-1B" concerning the light of the cockpit ? I thank you for your help, best regards. Skull.
  12. Hello Some days ago I bought the Carenado - M-20J Mooney X (FSX only) but I find that documentation is little light ! Certainly the "technical data" are good but I would have liked many screens of the cockpit with the differents names of the accesoires and levers, no ? Because I would like to open the driving "Cowl flap" but I don't find the lever. In fact with the documentation of this plane not "screens shots" but only of the text. Somebody would have links to the real Mooney M20-J because sometimes there is documentations in PDF to download PS: I'm very sorry for my poor English. Thank's for all in advance and bets regards. Skull
  13. Dear Shaun I would like to thank you for your answer and to say to you that the quality of your products allow us to realize our dreams. You are real artists, great work. Best regards. Skull
  14. Dear Sir, Hello, I bought the addon "Katana DA-20 X" it is a formidable plane !!!! I write you this message because I fell in love with the scene that we can see with the screens shots of "Katana DA-20 X". You placed your "Katana DA-20 X" in a scene which is small one jewels (forest, caban, etc) You can say to me if this scene is sold on your site and if it is compatible with FSX ? PS: I'm very sorry for my poor English. A great thank's for the quality of your work. Bye Skull. Here the scene that I really like all around your Katana :
  15. Helo dear George, Can you tell me if your precedure is the same for the Dornier Do-27, if it's possible I change the 0 to 1 for (Electrical) Section Dornier DO-27's aircraft.cfg file. Please can you inform is it's possible withe the Do-27 ? A great thank's for all and best regards. Skull
  16. Dear Shaun, I would like to thank you for your help and your link. Can you say me if the problem about the "battery life" results from aerosoft's planes or from FSX ? Still thank's for all, best regards. Skull Leader.
  17. Hello to everybody, I continue to discover the Dornier DO-27 and I have just noticed that I have a problem of transparency with the glass window rear and above the pilot. I found an screen on the aerosoft web's site and we can see very transparent glass window. Somebody who uses this plane could say to me if he meets the same problem of transparency glass like me ? Only glass from the cockpit are transparency. Here 3 screens that I have just created and which shows the problem that I meet: Here I've found on "Youtube" a video where the guy meet the same problem as me, to see this bug from glass it's necessary to watch the video in the minute: 3:39 !! Link: http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=WD7dvPLVmxQ Here a screen from Aerosoft web's site and we can watch the good transparency from all the glass : If anybody can help me with this problem or say to me if it is normal ? A great thank's, best regards and I'm very sorry for my poor English. Skull Leader
  18. Hello, I use the Beaver X (I really like this plane) and sometimes when I land and when I switch off my engine and all my switch and when my Beaver is stoped. When I wait for 10 or 15 minutes and which I want take off, I can not any more re-start my engine because I have no more electricity and I would like to know if it is possible to connect Beaver X to an APU ? Please anyone can help me ? I have another question about the Dornier Do-27, please can you explain to me how I can connect my Do-27 to the APU ? It is necessary uses a key from my keyboard to connect in the APU ? PS: I'm very sorry for my poor English. Thank's for all and best regards. Skull Leader.
  19. Dear Mathijs Some hours ago I discovered your "Bell 205 Huey" and I can say to you that your helicopter is one truth miracle a real ART !!! I am a very big fan of "Huey" and I am very incited by your work ! You can inform us about the date of publication of this addon, if it's possible ? PS: I'm very sorry for my poor English, do you live in France ? If yes do you speak French ? Great job, c'est wonderful. Bye, Skull.
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