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  1. Some info which may prove important. With P3D running via SSNG I decided to do some take-off watching. I positioned the PMDG737 on 07L at KLAX and then switched to the Male Avatar and positioned him to the side of the runway.


    I then started Ai Companion on another computer but no Ai were shown even though they existed in the sim. I tested the SODE connection and it was broken. My other tests also failed.


    The common issue here is changing vehicle inside P3D as opposed to doing it on the Scenario screen.


    I’m wondering if something is broken or corrupted in P3D. I’d like to reinstall the part that covers vehicles. Is that Client or Content? 

  2. 9 minutes ago, Capt. PERO said:

    Yes. There is a copy that is used everytime you start a profile with an assigned "SimConfigSet". The file can be found here:


    "C:\aerosoft\SIMstarter NG P3D\data\userprofiles\P3Dv5\cfgSet_simCfg_Master.cfg"



    Thanks Peter. I'll compare that and mine and see what differences there are. I've spent enough time trying to nail down what is causing this problem and unless the cfg comparison shows anything strange I'll probably admit defeat.


    The important thing is that P3D when launched from SSNG is 100% stable. That's the important thing.

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  3. Hi Peter,


    I followed your instructions to change an existing profile to turn off RunSet so nothing was launched. I started SSNG and then closed it.


    Next I started P3D manually and the F35 was positioned at Randolph airfield.

    Then I started WideClient on my laptop and then Ai Companion. Ai were shown which means all is well.

    I left P3D running for a couple of minutes during which I checked SODE was okay and also FSDT Addon Manager. Both were fine.

    I closed P3D and it closed cleanly.


    I then started SSNG again followed by P3D. At the default airfield I switched to another aircraft - Carenado PC12. Again, all is okay.


    At that airfield I started ASP3D. I normally start it before P3D but not this time. It didn't connect to P3D. I switched airport to EGKK. It switched okay but the Ai in Ai Companion didn't refresh. And the SODE test failed and Addon Manager didn't load. P3D didn't close cleanly and had to be "end tasked".


    I rebooted and repeated the sequence but this time I started ASP3D first. When the scenario screen loaded ASP3D was connected. Located F35 at Randolph. Ai Companion fine so too is SODE and Addon Manager.


    Switched to Carenado PC12. All okay. Moved to EGKK. Weather updated and Ai Companion also okay. P3D closed cleanly.


    I'm wondering if this might be a problem with a default wx file that gets overwritten by ASP3D if that's started before P3D but if ASP3D is not started first the buggy wx file might be an issue. Also ASP3D not connecting to P3D if it's loaded last seems odd and that coincides with SODE and Addon Manager not working.


    Finally, I started P3D without starting SSNG first and even with ASP3D running and connected after switching aircraft at Randolph the SODE test and Addon Manager both failed. P3D didn't close cleanly. After end-tasking P3D I started SSNG and closed it. Started P3D and at Randolph switched to the PC12. Ai Companion didn't show any aircraft and the SODE test failed. But ASP3D is still connected.


    Sorry for the long post. Hope it makes sense.






  4. 1 hour ago, srcooke said:

    Is the P3D default scenario not the F22 or F35?

    Yes, it is. I have the Cub as my default in SSNG profiles for those aircraft that require a simple startup aircraft. You don’t get simpler than a Cub! 😁


    Anyway, it’s occurred to me that I have a window into SimConnect and whether it’s working correctly. I have a laptop running Ai Companion via WideClient but it also relies on SimConnect to display AIG Ai aircraft. If the Ai show that means everything is fine.


    Starting with the F35 at Randolph field I had a successful link showing Ai. I moved the aircraft to five other airports around the world and on each occasion AIC showed the Ai.


    I then changed to the PC12 expecting the link to break. But it didn’t. But at least I have a method to check SimConnect which is vital to identifying and fixing this problem.


    More tomorrow. Lots of football to watch today. 😉

  5. 55 minutes ago, srcooke said:

    Ray does P3D work correctly via direct launch after first boot of the PC?


    Yes, pretty sure of that. That includes a clean exit too. The problems appear to start with a change of aircraft. Now that's something I don't do when launching via SSNG as I have a profile for each of the 4 aircraft I fly. There's one exception. I share a profile for the Carenado PC12 and Vertx DA-62 as they're both simple aircraft. But PMDG737, Lear25 and Concorde all have their own.


    I never change aircraft in a fully loaded sim, only at the Scenario screen when you're advised to do that for PMDG and Concorde. The default is the Piper.


    So that's something that differs between SSNG (no issues) and P3D launching directly.

  6. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for that suggestion. I’ll try it tomorrow.


    Yesterday I moved prepar3d.cfg and started P3D so a new one was generated. Default aircraft at default airport. I then closed P3D and it closed cleanly. It also closed ChasePlane, AIG Traffic Controller and my GoFlight driver.


    I then started it again and switched to Manchester. That was okay. A third load I switched to Manchester and switched to a Carenado PC12. I left the sim running for a few minutes and then did the SODE test. It failed and FSDT Addon Manager wouldn’t show. Closed P3D but it had hung.


    On other loads the sim just CTD with nothing in Event Viewer. Baffling.


    Anyway, I’ll report back tomorrow and thank you for your support. 👏

  7. 11 minutes ago, Capt. PERO said:

    Okay. Different to you start the prepar3d.exe without settings an Affinity. So don't mind. I just pointed out the differences.

    Isn’t the AM setting in prepar3d.cfg what you’re referring to? Sorry, I’m still confused about any possible differences between the AM settings stored in SSNG and those in the Prepar3d.cfg.


    Is SSNG loading something different?

  8. 35 minutes ago, Capt. PERO said:

    You are starting prepar3D.exe with a different "Affinity" = 16777215

    Different to what? This is a new PC bought in October.


    I checked the AM stored on SSNG against the one in my Prepar3d.cfg. They are the same. Do you store the MainThread values in SSNG? I couldn’t find them. When I viewed the JobScheduler section of the prepar3d.cfg in SSNG it showed 6, 2 and 4. Is that in SSNG or just viewing the cfg file?


    I switched from 0, 2 and 4 to keep the OS free on 0.

  9. Hi Peter,


    Those two executables are for controlling Ai aircraft. Nothing critical I would imagine. I did disable them.


    The FlyTampa Sydney LC entry needs to be disabled if users have AUS v2 installed otherwise it conflicts.


    Did you see anything strange in my SimConnect.log? All those close commands suggest it closed cleanly. I searched it for “fail” but nothing found.


    16777215 is okay for a CPU with 24 logical processors. I’ll check that is okay when running P3D directly.

  10. Hi Peter,


    That's very kind of you, thanks. Just to confirm everything is fine when run via SimStarterNG. It's just a problem when I run P3D direct in admin mode.


    As far as I can establish the exe.xml, dll.xml and add-ond.cfg entries are exactly the same when run via SimStarterNG and not. I have GoFlight hardware so I'm wondering if those drivers might be an issue. But why not when running with SSNG?


    Some programs that require SimConnect like ChasePlane and Ai Companion (for Ai traffic) don't connect but others like ActiveSky P3D are fine.


    I've just completed a two hour flight from Prague to Liverpool and no issues at all. Here's the aupport pack.


  11. I'm attaching a simconnect.log in the hope that someone might be able to tell me if simconnect has stopped working and if so, what caused it.


    As soon as my flight is fully loaded I check the SODE test works. It does. But then I start WideClient on another PC and when I have a connection I run Ai Companion on that PC.


    That shows the date time at the top in Live Traffic but no aircraft entries appear. After that the SODE test fails.


    Looking at my FSUIPC6 log this is from the time simconnect connection is established up to the point where P3D has been terminated. FSUIPC also appears to have lost connection with P3D.


    703 SimConnect_Open succeeded: waiting to check version okay
          703 Opened separate AI Traffic client okay
        14890 Running in "Lockheed Martin  Prepar3D  v5", Version: (SimConnect:
        14937 Initialising SimConnect data requests now
        14937 FSUIPC Menu entry added
        14937 Offset file 'C:\FSUIPC6\myOffsets.txt' not found (info only)
        14937 LUA.1: beginning "C:\FSUIPC6\ipcInit.lua"
        14937 ... Using Prepar3D with Academic License
        14984 \\NEWCHILL\Users\RayPr\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\Prepar3D_Default.fxml
        14984 \\NEWCHILL\P3Dv5\SimObjects\Airplanes\F-35A\F-35A.air
        15031 LUA.2: server: waiting for client connection...
        28953 Weather Mode now = Theme
        30046 \\NEWCHILL\P3Dv5\SimObjects\Airplanes\Carenado PC12\PC12.air
        30046 \\NEWCHILL\Users\RayPr\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Files\temp.fxml
        41390 ### The user object is 'CARENADO PC12 3'
        41390 ### Mode is NORMAL
        41828 ### Mode: PAUSE on
        52500 Loading Complete ...
        52531 ### Mode is NORMAL
        53218 Aircraft loaded: running normally now ...
        53234 User Aircraft ID 2 supplied, now being used
        53765 System time = 07/03/2024 16:40:41, Simulator time = 16:54:02 (15:54Z)
        53781 Aircraft="CARENADO PC12 3"
        59765 -------------------- Starting everything now ----------------------
        59765 Starting WideServer now ...
        59781 Using "C:\GoFlight\GFDEV64.DLL", version
        59781 ASN active function link set
        59781 Ready for ActiveSky WX radar with additional data
        59781 GoFlight GFP8 detected: 1 device
        59781 GoFlight GFT8 detected: 2 devices
        59781 GoFlight GFLGT detected: 1 device
        59781 GoFlight GF166 detected: 2 devices
        59781 GoFlight GFMCPPRO detected: 1 device
        59781 GoFlight GFEFIS detected: 1 device
        60875 Advanced Weather Interface Enabled
       169656 === Closing session: waiting for DLLStop to be called ...
       169968 Sim stopped: average frame rate for last 116 secs = 30.2 fps
       169968    Max AI traffic was 26 aircraft
       169968 -------------------------------------------------------------------






  12. 3 hours ago, srcooke said:

    I have no issues loading and exiting P3D directly Ray, are you running P3D directly as admin.


    Yes Stephen, first thing I checked. For the life of me I cannot see what the reason might be.


    I think enabling logging for SimConnect might show the reason for it failing to work but deciphering the code might need some help.

  13. I know this seems a strange post but I'm struggling to understand why I have problems with P3Dv5.3HF2 when launched independently but not when run via SimStarterNG.


    I do this occasionally to check things so don't need all the extra programs running that SSNG gives me.


    But here's the mystery and it's got me beat. If I start P3D from its desktop shortcut (so no SimStarterNG) the sim will load but then the problems start. Specifically,,,


    1) Under the Add-ons menu item the Check SODE DLL connection shows no green banner and message.

    2) FSDT Addon Manager interface doesn't show.

    3) ChasePlane internal views work but external ones don't. The top of the ChasePlane display turns a bright green.

    4) I can see AIG Ai aircraft at the airport and my lua script shows there are 12 on the ground. But Ai Companion doesn't show any aircraft. But right-clicking the P3D interface I can select Ai aircraft and switch to them.


    All this points to SimConnect being broken. But why does it work fine when launched via SimStarterNG but not when launched independently? As far as I can establish all the DLLs, EXEs and entries in both add-ons.cfg are runnning and are identical to the entries in those parts of SimStarterNG.


    Finally, when I close P3D it doesn't close. It hangs and has to be terminated. Programs that launched via exe.xml have to be manually terminated.


    Sometimes I just want to check something quickly hence why I run P3D independently.


    I appreciate this is not a SSNG problem but there must be those who occasionally run P3D directly. Does the same happen to you?

  14. Hi Cpt Pero,


    I've installed SimStarterNG and Active Sky P3D on a new computer running P3D v5.3HF2.


    In the Extended Settings Active Sky options the ActiveSky (ASP3D) ConFig1 Set is selected. In the General section of that screen Live is the preferred option.


    But when ASP3D is launched it sets the Historical option. If I run ASP3D independently it does set the option to Live. Why won't it work via SSNG?

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