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  1. Did that and then had to activate with key several times with the same issue on startup but now having done it one more time I have no popups and have the map. thankyou, looks ok now, jutst have to get a new subscription now I think. Thanks Stephen. Jayel
  2. Hi, thanks for getting back, does this tell you anything?
  3. Hello I have re-intalled PFPX after a long time dormant and I have a window pop up to say: Could not load world map: OK. I have updated the network redistributables but no success. Any ideas on this please. Thankyou in advance Jayel
  4. looks great I politely insist on an fs9 version - inspite of having read the first post. is there at least one or two landmark building airbus side missing (voluntarily or otherwise) - the M01 & M30 design offices connected by the flyover the motorway this work is a nice surprise jayel
  5. Hello, was wondering if there might be some feedback on the question re: France VFR compatibility question. thankyou in advance Jayel
  6. that did the business Shaun, thanks very much regards Jayel
  7. Hello I am trying to remove what I believe are static airraft from the Bremen ramp - I think they are air Berlin aircraft, a 737 classic and a 737 NG with winglets. I have managed to remove the textures at some statge in the past, so I am lest with just the grey aircraft model. I notice there is a with & without static aircraft BGL in the scenery files, but I can't locate the correct files to either amend or delete to remove these aircraft. thanks in advance for your help Jayel
  8. Hello, this is great stuff, really fantastic, very innovative, well done. I've spent several hours already trying to get though the walk around but I still cant manage to remove the blue from the Fuel visual inspection - how do I visually check the fuel please? thankyou in advance Jayel
  9. that did the trick. thankyou. but was it the reduction in AI traffic volume or the spanair package itself that did the trick, I don't recall spanair creating any issues in LEMD for example? jayel
  10. yes, yes, wilco will let you know thankyou jayel
  11. Hello MEGA Barcelona is causing CTDs for fs9, I have been getting it more often than I have flown successfully, maybe 5 successes but out of say 10 or 15 attempts. I don't believe it's an aircraft add-on causing the problem. sometimes it freezes once the panel loads and I have to end fs9 via task manager, most of the time the screen goes black, once or twice it ended when I was ready to taxi, there is the MS windows ring that appears like something is loading very quickly and flickers alot then there is a CTD (ms fltsim ceases to function..) and there is a relaunch of fs9. I have seen the other post but to reinstall fs9 cannot be the answer, although that solutions is yet to be confirmed. please any ideas aerosoft, because this airport is looking like becoming one of my favourite if things get running smoothing. i'm runing on w7, 2.4GHz, GTX275, no fps issues thankyou in advance Jayel
  12. fully agreed, this project is being unfolded with just the right dose of carrot dangling on a stick - nothing in excess, everything presented for all to see, open and honest, great stuff aerosoft, jayel
  13. Hello Can I go ahead and install Bremen for 2004 from the Bremen X scenery on top of the Bremen that is currently installed on my system as part of part of the GA3 bundle ? thanks in advance jayel
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