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  1. Version 1.0


    Fictitious Repaint - it describe a german registerd Robin DR400-140B. By D. Hueschelrath
  2. Version 1.0


    Fictitious repaint - it describe a german registered Robin DR400-140B. By D.Hueschelrath
  3. Version 1.0


    Fictitious repaint - it describe a uk registered Robin DR400-140B. By D.Hueschelrah
  4. Version 1.0


    Fictitious repaint - it describe an austrian registerd Robin. By D.Hueschelrath
  5. Version 1.0


    Fictitious repaint - it describe a swiss registerd Robin DR400-140B. By D. Hueschelrath.
  6. Simply incredible Thanks for doing that Jankees Kindest regards Dirk
  7. Very nice work Russ - looking forward to add it to my Bronco-Fleet. Kindest regards Dirk
  8. Very nice work - thanks for sharing with us
  9. Very nice work - i would like to have it too ..... Dirk
  10. Once again Aerosoft give us a great plane to fly with - first impressions are "waaaahhhhhhhhoooooo" - thanks to all people that were involved in the development ! Looking forward to the additions in 2012. Merry christmas and a happy new year Dirk
  11. I've started the Painting of G-WILG - silvermetalic Basic is ready - now it need the "Finetuning"
  12. Breathtaking !!! Incredible repaints !!! Looking forward to them. Dirk
  13. Looks very fine ! Great interest to add it to your paint !!!! Dirk
  14. The third repaint is ready - ES-CFA (fictional) and i have started the work on another one for the great WilgaX, this time something for the "cold side", maybe for AntarcticaX.
  15. Updated version of my D-ETVS - repaint is available at the usual sites (avsim, flightsim, SOH). Also the second repaint D-EWRD (fictional). Dirk
  16. Just want to let know all interested people that the my second repaint for the Wilga is finished. A yellow one - D-EWRD (fictional).Start working at the third paint, a former military one from Estonia (new spec-maps are ready to reduce the shine). Also my first repaint got a few improvements to let it look a bit better
  17. Thanks Skkuda - just uploaded to SOH, Avsim and Flightsim - should be available shortly. Dirk
  18. First shot of my upcoming Wilga-Repaint - D-ETVS. KR Dirk
  19. Hello GFLY - please use the link that YoYo provided above - download the .zip-file, extract it and then copy the texture.N113AS-folder to the PZL-104 Wilga - Folder, after you deleted the texture.N113AS-folder that was created by the installer. KR Dirk
  20. Hi M Jordan, did you solved the problem that you could only load the russian version ? If not i would like to help you with this - please contact me via pm Kindly regards Dirk
  21. Short Info - UN-Huey is up at the library - sorry for the delay ! Happy flying Dirk
  22. Version 1.0


    Repaint of the HueyX - it describe a Huey of the Fuerza Aerea de Chile (FACH) which is operated on behalf of the United Nations.
  23. United Nations Huey coming very soon ...... One of a few Huey`s, operated by the Fuerza Aerea de Chile.
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