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  1. Ah i found it in vol 1. Thank you Rolf and Mathijs for the help.
  2. MCDU 1,2. I press the numbers on my keyboard to switch my ezdok views and for some reason it types the numbers into the MCDU 1,2. How do you accidentaly enable the key input? whats the button for it?
  3. Oh, I mean the keys i have for the MCDU seems to also be arrow left and arrow right. all numbers on my keyboard also enter numbers in the MCDU. I will look into the checklist and by the way i dont use the Checklist nor copilot. As said i accidentaly activated approach phase somehow while i was in climb and had to control the speed manually and v/s manually the entire flight. I'll take a look at the manual aswell.
  4. Alright, yeah its insanely loud and hope u fix it for the hotfix update!
  5. It seems like some keys are mapped to my MCDU. I was messing about with views and somehow it activated approach phase while i was climbing. Is there a way to get rid of these keybinds? also is there anyway to get rid of the approach phase? and make it go back to the normal?
  6. I love this thing, im so glad i bought it! its simple but i dont mind it being simple to fly. anyway i need some confirmation. Does the APU sound like this in real life?
  7. There is one without winglets here, i know its not what you're looking for but here You can tell its old by not having a Apollo text under the novair text. But its something.
  8. Thank you, it all works, just a bit of a struggle to find the correct model for the liveries i install, But i find my issue resolved, Regards, Gekurous
  9. I can't seem to be able to use liveries from the old aerosoft airbus, It installs succesfully but when in the sim it just doesnt load, its all invisible. im pretty sure in the forums it was published that old liveries should work with the V4 version? Sorry if i got his all wrong!
  10. Turned it off, issue still persists?
  11. I can't do outside views with ezca v2, it still thinks it's in the cockpit and doesnt go outside so i get this white model of the a319, anyone know a workaround for this issue?
  12. When the airbus turns it overreacts on the turns and doesnt do a nice and smooth turn? This issue was the same with the old Aerosoft airbus for FSX:SE,FSX,P3D V3. Is it ever going to get fixed?
  13. Sorry for asking in the wrong post but it should be quick & easy!
  14. Also, how do i close the windows on the airbus? i could open it but not close it? I keep pressing the button you're supposed to press to close it again! Edit: i accidentaly locked the windows so i couldn't pull them back, all good now!
  15. Alright thank you for the quick response, will switch back to NavDataPro until Navigraph updates their installers.
  16. Actually it seems like any airport that i enter in the /TO doesnt work? I tested to enter 4 more airports and the issue still persists. Is this an common issue or have i done something wrong?
  17. I got the aircraft today, it seems like the aircraft isnt recognizing Ibiza (LEIB) and wants me to enter coordinates and such for it. This is so strange and how is not LEIB in the database? I was planning to fly from EDDS to LEIB, When entering in the FROM/TO page it recognizes EDDS but not LEIB?, Im kind of scared that this issue is also happening at other airports.
  18. Wait how did u get the Aerosoft Airbus to work with P3D 4.1? what
    Awesome livery! Thanks for this
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