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  1. I have a bit of a different perspective living near KEWR and commuting every day through the tunnels and riding the trains and subways. I was pushing my daughter in a stroller through Times Square on May 1st when a terrorist tried to set off a bomb. It was discovered by an attentive member of the public and handled by attentive police. Contrary to what many people think, that bomb could have caused great loss of life including that of me and my family. Police have the right to ask questions of people doing unusual things in public places. Anyone who thinks this has led to some kind of "police state" is just showing their total ignorance of what it is like to live in a real police state. My freedom faces a much greater threat from terrorist killers than it does from the officials trying to protect us. Not to change the subject, but I think the real tragedy for us who love aviation is how general aviation has become thoroughly unaffordable thanks largely to skyrocketing liability insurance costs. Excessive security has contributed to this as well, such as putting the whole DC area off-limits to GA. The movie One Six Right documents this problem in addition to being a beautiful film. A generation ago, a middle-class person could afford to rent or buy a single-engine aircraft. This is no longer true.
  2. 1:57:04 As this is my first time, I am very proud of it! I'm not proud that I cheated by opening a window with external, top-down view at cloud level for a sort of "thermal radar." This is a good crutch for a noob! I would happily pay a few bucks to Aerosoft for a collection of missions as well done as this one. So much fun! This is the perfect cure for FSX burnout.
  3. I'm trying to learn my way around the KLN-90B GPS unit in the Twin Otter with the help of the manual. My problem is, I can't change the pages, it is stuck on "NAV 4." The right knob is out but when I click on one of the click zones OR turn the mouse wheel, it momentarily flickers to another screen but then comes back to NAV 4. Please help! ~Matt
  4. I have the same problem. I cannot see the exterior on my new BushHawk. This is true both in the preview window in FSX and in the simulation. Interior components (frame, seats, pilot, instruments, etc.) load fine and the aircraft works fine but the exterior skin is invisible. Graphics card is an ATI Radion 2400 XT, dual-core processor, Vista. I look forward to the fix! Thanks! ~Matt
  5. I'm running Coast Guard 1.10 with FS 2004 on a Vista machine. I have no problem placing the ship and running Shipyard. The problem is when I go back into FS airports I cannot find the cutter. Its not in the scenery either. I understand Shipyard has some issues with Vista. Please help me with a workaround. Thanks! ~Matt
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