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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Repaint of AS A320 CFM in Canadian airlines 1990 scheme
  2. You are in luck. I just upload an Air Canada 1990 livery CFM A320: AC A320 CFM Download Link Also, check out our A321 CFM NEO in Air Canada's 1990 livery: A321 NEO CFM NEO
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Repaint of Air Canada A320 CFM in 'Green Tail' livery found during 1990.
  4. At the airline I work, we upload the company routes into the FMS via a laptop. Pilots use the company route (flightplan) they are directed to by their dispatchers. The dispatchers will upload the same flightplan to ATC. Yes, once a new AIRAC Cycle arrives, new company routes are created/existing flightplans are modified to match the AIRAC Cycle.
  5. I just wanted to let everybody know, I was able to install Mega Heathrow Xtended into P3DV4 by simply pointing the installer to my P3DV4 directory. I had to manually add the scenery using the scenery library. But once that was done, Heathrow Xtended works perfectly in P3DV4. No OOMs, good night lighting. There was a small increase in FPS over P3DV3. Normal Autogen setting was enough to fully populate the surrounding areas.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Fictional repaint of Air Canada A321 Sharklet model in 1991 Green Livery. Repaint by Ray Reyes and Gavin Parmar.
  7. I have the Captains Sim 757. It is ok, but has some issues, more like unfinished flaws. I can use it in P3D, but it is struly not 100% P3D compatible. I have considered the QW 757, but their webpages says that P3D supported. I tried to read their support forums for P3D compatibility, but they locked for non-QW 757 owners.
  8. Holgi, could you release a version of your United Airlines IAE A321 with sharklets/as a NEO?
  9. I would love to see a Boeing 757-200/300 package with the same systems depth level as the Aerosoft Bus.
  10. Very, very nice. I have a feeling my wife is going to ban me from using the credit card
  11. I recently had a complete failure of my secondary disk drive. Thus, I bought a new SSD and installed a clean version of P3D 3.3.5. Before I filled P3D with 3rd party sceneries and aircraft, I did a test. With only the following addons installed, AS Airbus A318/319/320/321 and EDDF V2, I started in EDDF and flew several circles around it using the AS A321. Not only was I able to duplicate Mathias' VAS usage numbers, my usage was a tad less. When I had FSX-SE still installed on my failed hard drive, I did get OOM warning when on final approach to not only EDDF V2 but AS KSMF as well. P3Dv3.1 did not OOM or give warnings. I own FSX Boxed and FSX-SE as well as P3DV3x, I no longer see a reason to install the aforementioned simulators. P3D has evolved enough now that it's memory management and FPS performance is far superior to that of FSX.
  12. Gentlemen, I wish to request Canada 3000 CFM A320 C-GVXE in their final livery. See picture for refrence:
  13. Yes, 1024 textures do make a very large difference. I have found out, the hard way, that complex aircraft and 4096x4096 textures will lead to poor FPS and, in extreme cases, OOMs. Also, Orbx landclass addons are beautiful, but they do cost VAS and reduce FPS. Orbx Vector is particularly hard on both VAS and FPS.
  14. Sorry for the misstype, my graphics card is an EVGA Nvidia GTX 780 Titanium 3 GB DDR.
  15. Sure: MY PC specs are Intel Core I7 4790K stock clockspeed, MSI motherboard, EVGA Nvidia GTX 790 TI, Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR 1600 MHZ, Kingston SSD 512 GB SSD. In P3D, I set my FPS unlimited with V-Sync. Monitor resolution is 1680x1050 32 bit. Shadows are set to minimum for quality and number of objects. Scenery is set to dense while resolution and detail size are set to 3/4 of max. Oh yes, I only use max 1024x1024 textures.
  16. I performed a long haul flight KJFK-EDDF V2 using P3DV3.2. I used WOAI and Opus weather while flying PMDG's 777-200. Minimal autogen and no additional scenery other than detailed airports. No problems with VAS and my FPS were silky smooth. From initial looks, EDDF V2 performs really well in P3D. During the 777's landing rollout, with 60% ai traffic on the airport, I was still able to achieve 27 FPS.
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Fictional repaint of Canadian Airlines A319 IAE in final livery. Repaint and permission granted for upload to this website provided by Ray Reyes.
    Very nice repaint. A definite addition to any A321 fan's FSX/P3D install.
    Very nice repaint. One of my favorite repaint/aircraft combinations to fly out of KSFO.
  18. I would love see a Canadian Airlines A320 CFM in 1990's scheme: I would also love to see an Air Canada A320 CFM in 1990's scheme:
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