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  1. I would disagree. I’ve tried all available sources for winds aloft. I got the Red Message and every waypoint had winds 000/00 next to them. Something is most DEFINITELY not in the norm.
  2. UPS is being wrapped up and will be uploaded soon enough for those that like Louisville.
  3. Uploaded all four of my cargo birds to Avsim just waiting on approval. Link is in my signature. Might be a UPS bird coming, not exactly sure though. Thats more of Steves thing. If you find anything wrong with the paints please let me know so I can fix them.
  4. Here's another one in the works. Still fine tuning everything. Everytime I think I'm done I always find something I want adjusted. Good thing is most of those things can easily be adjusted on all the other frames. If you are interested in giving feedback I'll be willing to send you betas. But I really want the feedback if you do.
  5. Maybe I’ll start on FedEx on the road. And finish it when I get home. Maybe if we Dan work metal out JAL Cargo had a metal 76 that looked sharp.
  6. I succesfully hijacked @steve dra's Freighter! I just wanted to show a preview of planes no one asked for but because I love the liveries I decided to make. Its just what I do. Anyways, bit of back story, Atlas has on numerous occasions over the last 3 years stated they are constantly looking at doing A330s because of the availability in feedstock in comparison to 767s. These are the three concepts I have of what it would look like if operated by them. For those not in the know. Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings is the parent company of Atlas, Polar, and Southern. They are also a large opera
  7. Our upper management keeps bringing up the A330 Feedstock as a possible source of new freighters. So I figured I'd make a concept of what it would look like. Future one will be Polar as well, probably release a passenger and a freighter. Waiting on Stevedra to finish his freighter concept to apply this paint to it.
  8. I've been having this same problem since I purchased it. Its not limited to FSUIPC as they seem to think. I got rid of my FSUIPC assignments and assigned thru P3D with the same issues. Power would increase but no physical movements of the thrust levers. So you could never get the autothrottle system to function unless you used the keyboard. But how I finally got it to work was to set the Configurator FADEC to one throttle then only assign one throttle in FSUIPC. So far it functions as it should now.
  9. Per the Operating manual pg 24 Pitch Selector Switch I would agree with Alpine that IAS is by far the preferred way to climb any aircraft not just turbojet. This function is doable though. Leonardo's Maddog has this function inbuilt into their automation.
  10. All three of my cargo aircraft have been uploaded to Avsim (27/7/2019). This woudl be FedEx, Atlas, and UPS as seen in my earlier posts. You can find them via the link below. My Liveries
  11. Insulting much for someone who is willing to provide you a free livery? No one replied to them so didn't' exactly see much of a rush. And its summer here in Alaska so flightsim takes a back burner. If you demand new liveries take up a brush and enjoy the work yourself as well. Its not like you need a license to do it.
  12. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/145573-dc8-p3dv4 updated-to 2100/
  13. I won't go as far as using the word bad. But it could have used some beta testing before release. No matter, I'll go thru it over the next couple weeks, renaming and organizing layers, maybe provide a download for a merged paintkit. I hope Michael keeps developing this aircraft though. A lot of promise and hes done overall a good job so far.
  14. Missing door lines, had to remove weather effects as some weren't lining up. Had to move some of my layers because some textures were reversed when transitioning a door. The R1 door distorts lines need to look into that. Some off colors on the tail need to track parts down etc
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