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  1. 777cpt I cant believe you would even compare the VRS Superhornet to the MS accel version. The Superhornet is incredibly detailed on a level that even airliners have yet to reach. Weapons and spare tanks actually create drag and affect both speed and range. The FS2004 version is mind blowing and imagine the FSX version will take it to another level. You can refuel from AI aircraft launch from carriers and all without having to add anything. It is all controlled from the ACM that comes with the airplane. You should go to their site and read the reviews before comparing it to the accel pack F/A-1
  2. I would love to see ELLX, I think this would be worthwhile. Andrew
  3. I am currently reinstalling FS2004 after a computer crash. I am downloading all the sceneries from my account today August 7 2009. Are all the sceneries in my account the most current versions and are not in any need of patches. What I am wondering is are the downloads the most updated? I realize there may be some exceptions but for the most part are they current with no patches needed. Thanks Andrew
  4. I had to reinstall FS9 and when I reinstalled AES it still contains all the information from my previous install. I am unable to get my sceneries to work now. It still contains the 11 credits I had when I uninstalled. Andrew
  5. Forget it, I can reinstall the FS9 version I just cant get rid of FSX version from the add remove program under the control panel. Thats ok I will never need the FSX version. Andrew
  6. I am not able to reinstall Mega Frankfurt X for FS9. It states I need to uninstall it but when I try at the add or remove program in the control panel when I try there it gives me an error report. I had this same issue with London, Madrid, Paris and a few others but they all reinstalled to FS9. Also I am reinstalling because when I uninstalled FSX it ruined my FS9. Andrew
  7. The box was checked but no credits had been assigned. I had recently had to place a new hard drive in and had to completely reinstall FS9. After I got most of my payware airports in I installed AES might have been 1.97 at the time and checked the show installed airports and I assigned credits to my supported airports. EHAM was checked but I guess it did not assign the credits. I dont know why it did not take. It did this time and subtracted 5 credits. Andrew
  8. I did figure it out. I unclicked hit resync/repair and then clicked it and now it took off the credits. I guess it didnt work the first time. Thanks Andrew
  9. I have the 198B just installed the version with LFPG with the updates required. It does have DEMO behind. I cant figure this out. Andrew
  10. I have Cloud 9 Amsterdam version 1.04 installed. I clicked to add the airport in the AES help but when I am in the simulator it times out and says I need to add credit. When I go to help it is salready done and I am not able to re-click. I definitley already added the airport. I have plenty of credits available but no way to fiix this problem. Thanks in advance for help. Andrew
  11. WAD3

    Help Please

    Thanks a million Shaun that did the trick. It installed perfectly. Andrew
  12. I have a bit of a problem. I keep trying to install Madrid 2008 and I keep getting an error statiing Madrid is already installed please uninstall previous version. I dont have another version installed. I just reinstalled FS9 and I dont know where this other version could be. Can anybody help? Thanks Andrew
  13. I flew there the other night and when I parked in the North parking the marshal parking me was standing on his knees. Foolishly I didnt check the rest of the airport. Is this a known anomaly or might there be a problem on my end. Thanks Andrew
  14. WAD3


    FS DreamTeam is developing one. FS9 and AES compatible. http://www.fsdreamteam.com/index.html Andrew
  15. WAD3

    9Dragons for AES?

    I hope you dont see that as criticism Hendrik Avsim is great. How worth the wait the slower than normal download speed is. Flying the approach with the PMDG 747 is one of the most enjoyable things I have experienced in Flight simming. Andrew
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