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  1. How do I get PFPX to file flight plans into PMDG aircraft using P3Dv5? Works great with P3DV4, but I cannot get PFPX to file flightplans into P3DV5. Thank you in advance for your help Ken Hand
  2. PFPX does not appear to load all of the Tracks, it will show one eastbound track or 1 westbound track for the Atlantic. Nothing for Pacific or Australian Tracks. I also use ForeFlight, and it shows all the tracks. I purchased PFPX about a month ago and it is my understanding that there is a 1 year subscription, with that purchase, When I click on the General Tab it shows I have version 2.03 and that is current, and that i have 338 days remaining. i have clicked on the Tracks at the bottom of the page then on online it shows updating, but still does not show all of the tracks. Am I missing something? Ken
  3. Ok will take a look at that. The only livery I have been able to get to work is the one for American AIrlines. Ken
  4. It isi my understanding that with the Purchase of PFPX you get a one years subscription to the Oceanic Tracks. When I click on the Tracks Icon, It will show one east bound track or one west bound track for the Atlantic, and Nothing is available for the Pacific Tracks or Australian Tracks. I have clicked to update the tracks but still only have what I previously mentioned available. My subscription shows I have 345 days remaining on it. Am I doing something wrong? Ken
  5. I recently purchased and installed PFPX, Looks like a great program, however the Manual for it is lacking in my opinion. Is there some video tutorials or preferably a manual that shows in detail how to connect PFPX, to NAVAGRAPH, ActiveSKy, and get the program to load completed routes into the FMS on PMDG, Aerosoft Addons, and Ultimate Traffic, or any other program that can enhance PFPX. I am not a computer geek, so I do need step by step instructions. If someone can help me with this I would appreciate it, My email is khand20912@aol.com Thank you very much for any help Ken
  6. How do you install the AIrbus A333 livery into P3Dv4? for example Delta AIrlines N831NW. The instructions with the addon appear to be for FSX. Thank you Ken Hand
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