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  1. Hi, I’m flying with the A330 everything is good. Except that I went into my P3D settings to take my settings in picuture and show them to a friend. And when I get back to my plane I have small white squares that appear. That match with my strobe and my navigation lights. I turned off my strobe my beacon, my navigation lights. And the white squares disappeared. And I would also like to notify that I do not see the navigation lights my beacon and my strobe during the day but at night yes. Thank you. Prepar3D 2020.05.24 -
  2. I have set my settings like it was before removing the CFG and it's working too
  3. It's working by removing .CFG here my settings
  4. And by the way where is Frank the avatar ?
  5. Hello, I have re-install P3D V4 and after re-install CRJ and A330 (Because I had also an issue with the A330 the plane was not following his route after push A/P ) and everything works now thank you
  6. Hello Nobody can help me ? I try everything nothing works
  7. already do that but i can try again
  8. Hello when i start the CRJ Pro I have this. I don"t understand, the CRJ is up to date. Thank you
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