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  1. I did what you said Mathijs but still getting it
  2. Hmm, I see. Once I land I will look into this, thanks
  3. Outside it's normal. I use Tomatoshade. If I restore shaders will it help?
  4. Hello, The A330 cockpit seems very dark for me. I've seen others who have a brighter cockpit. The brightness of the panels is killing my eyes Any solution is very appreciated
  5. Done that and it worked, thank you very much
  6. I did Also there is no gear etc
  7. I got the A330 today and when I load in it i get no gauges or anything. I tried to uninstall it but it said Missing Log File... I am running P3D 4.5 HF2 This is how the A330 looks like to me
  8. Great work! Been looking for these liveries since Arkia got their A321LR
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