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  1. Unless it's a rare and extreme case of emergency (medical evacuation mostly), there are no flights during the Antarctic winter. Actually, there was one such a flight only a few months ago. As for the Antarctic summer, it never gets completely dark. I'm quoting this from the user manual:
  2. I was wondering whether the refueling points in Antarctica X are only scenery objects or are actually refueling points? I've tried parking next them, various aircraft, different positions, engines on/off, etc. But I can't get them to work. There's nothing in the manual either. Am I doing anything wrong or are they simply not what I think they are?
  3. Thanks, mopperle. Does this mean it will be added later on as an add-on or a simple update?
  4. Exactly the same as mine. Only the static aircraft and runways.
  5. Absolutely loving the Antarctica X. But apart from the static Twotter and runways, I cannot see any other objects at Halley station. Reinstalled once. No problems with the activation. Scenery settings identical to manual recommendations. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Fantastic stuff. Can we please get a few more photos from Rothera Point and the BAS base.
  7. Can we please not include all the screen shots again when quoting!
  8. Now that A320 is being delayed, I'm guessing Huey will also have to wait longer. It'd be a real shame to see it get buried under all the other new projects announced recently.
  9. Let me get this right, you want to start your own Huey project from scratch based on screenshots of a payware that has not yet been completed/released? Please tell me this is a wind-up. It has to be.
  10. Since they've all been released, and since Huey is being delayed because of Airbus, I just cannot resist bumping this thread again. Any updates will be appreciated. To be fair, it's been a while and I'd love to take the Twotter for a spin around Rothera.
  11. OK. I think I understand what you mean, Padre. As far as I know, they are called chin bubbles (the two windows under the nose). Like I said, some models have a slightly more pronounced bulging shape compared to others. For example, this: As opposed to this:
  12. Unless you are referring to the two chin bubbles, I haven't a clue what your rant is about ("add piksiley"?! ). If it is indeed about the chin bubbles, they come in different shapes. Some are more bulged, some aren't.
  13. Thanks for the reply. Just as long as it's not as complicated as PMDG...
  14. That's good to know. But what I meant was a set of interactive checklists for all procedures (not just engine start). A 2D gauge that automatically does what's on the list once you've ticked them off. As if the F/O takes care of them for us.
  15. I understand and absolutely welcome the fact that Airbus X won't be as complicated and confusing as PMDG etc. But would it still be possible to transfer certain controls to the F/O or have, say, auto checklists that take care of complicated procedures? (Something like the ACCUSIM "one click" autostart, etc.; sort of a super dumbed down version for super lazy people such as myself!!)
  16. Any more updates, guys? List of all the liveries, more screen shots, VC progress, anything would do, really!
  17. Saw the updates. Thanks.
  18. I was wondering why your Twitter page hasn't been updated since November. Would be nice to get a heads up every time new previews are posted here or new products are announced or released.
  19. I know exactly what you mean. The way I normally trick FSX into it is to add two type 1 contact point (gears) at the back of the skid. A lot of static compression (2~3 feet), average compression ratio (depending on the weight) and a tiny amount of damping ratio (less than 0.2; again, depending on the weight of the chopper). Makes the landings smooth and won't require parking brakes to be on all the time. Time consuming and truly irritating to get it spot on. Won't recommend it unless you're as nitpicking as I am!
  20. Aaah, I see you point now. My initial thought was that as long as the MDL was animated, FDE contact point class did not matter. I had no idea anything but Type 1 class disables the gear animation. And I've been a Flight Simmer since 1988! Thanks for that, Joachim.
  21. Quick question guys: Do the skids have compression animation or are they solid? Would be nice to have them visually compress when the chopper lands.
  22. D'oh! So we'll have to survive the summer without any ice! Anyway, and slightly going off topic again, what exactly do you mean by "getting" baby?! I'm more interested in the time scale. Not its technical aspects.
  23. Global warming and climate change is a myth. Just like elves, unicorns, dinosaurs and Jesus!
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