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  1. So just like the title says I am curious if PFPX has access to real time TFR data? For example when planning a route will it automatically give you a route that avoids it? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the help. So I understand that PFPX won't have as much detail about the weather when using AS vs using the online weather subscription but does this mean it won't take the weather into account when giving you a route or just not as well as it would if you used the online weather? Basically it would be nice to know that the route I am given should avoid any severe weather or winds.
  3. Sorry to bug you guys again but I am still relatively new to using PFPX and had a few questions regarding flight planning. 1)So I have PFPX connected with ActiveSky and want to plan a route between JFK and Tromso Norway. When I have PFPX find a route for me does it automatically take into account the weather for the route and give a route that will avoid any severe weather or turbulence? Also I can get PFPX to show the wind and temperature charts as well as turbulence but nothing happens when I click the Sigmet button and would like to also be able to see if there are will be any storms along the route. 2) So I sort of understand how NAT tracks work and know how to add them to my route but I don't know if it's always a requirement to fly them when going across the Atlantic. For example when I generate a route between JFK and Tromso it usually take me north from JFK and over Newfoundland and then over southern Greenland and over to Norway which avoids the only current NAT track which is much farther south. So would this be valid route to fly or would I need to use the NAT track? Thanks for the help.
  4. Thanks for help. I know the PMDG model for the 400D has a much lower MTOW and I think a lower MZFW but not sure when it comes to fuel burn what the difference is or how well it's modeled in PMDG. In the FMC for the 400D it will let you load up to around 400,000LBS of fuel however you can really only load around 200,000LBS max without going over the MTOW if your also flying with a low ZFW and even less with more weight. I don't mind using the data for the 400 and just editing the weights as long as it will be accurate enough but not sure how well it will work since I plan to do flights at much lower weights and on longer routes that what it was meant for.
  5. Does anyone know where I might be able to find a performance file for the domestic version of the 747-400 from PMDG? I have the 400 performance pack from FlyPercisely which has all the variants except for this one. From what I understand the fuel burn rate should be similar enough to the standard 400 when it comes to doing short routes with lots of pax but I am planning to fly it as a private plane so most of my flights will be with a light payload and longer range and want to make sure I at least get somewhat accurate fuel calculations. So is it possible to find a performance file for this variant or would the performance data for the standard 400 still work for getting accurate calculations when doing longer routes in it. Thanks
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