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  1. what wind do I have to enter? just from any waypoint before the ETP and one after the ETP or what?
  2. Tbh I quite like that only news get posted now. Not so much: When will it be released blah blah.. just my two cents
  3. 1st of all I have the same 2nd of all - Why is your font white šŸ˜®
  4. I always have the plane in tournaround state. I always had that problem after updating to V4.4. With 4.3 the paper always printed. I think (don't take my word for granted) that it only happens when wanting to print weather. I think the Sheet you get after turning the engines off still prints. Not sure though.
  5. Good evening, what I realized in the last few flights in the evening hours into cologne was that the Jetway is way too bright too look realistic. The airplane is really dark while the Jetway is really bright. There should be a color gradient if you understand what I mean. Would that be in any way possible to do ?
  6. Hey talking about the Airbus professional. I think on november 8 you told someone that you'd update that section in that week. Was just wondering if there were any news
  7. Hello there, maybe it would be a good time to update this section a little bit, since it's from sep. 11 and in those 2 months things changed and I'd love to know the progress ^^ Let me know what you think, Thanks and good night !
  8. And you said, you received the E-Mail 1 week later ? Maybe they saw that there hasn't been an automated mail sent and didn't check your account and sent it in German. Well I believe they will send you the english invoice (via the customer support with your order number attached @ : https://aerosoft.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new)
  9. "Dear costumer, thank you for your order in our Aerosoft online-shop. Herewith you receive the invoice for your order. We received your payment. yours sincerely" Maybe just an error in their shop that they think you live in Germany ?
  10. Yes that might be it. Thank you ! (tried it a few hours ago and it let my sim crash... probably trying it again)
  11. Hello, when I want to enter an offset it gives me the error "BAD FORMAT" Tried it with several numbers. What do I need to enter (Or is this feauture not implemented yet?)
  12. Yes I have that too. Was wondering what could trigger that
  13. Yeah that would be it. Stoopid me haha
  14. Hello again, I'm on the newest version for EDDK but now the Jetway is in the terminal (as seen in the screenshot) Gate : C03 EDDK ver : P3D V4.3
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