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  1. Just wanting to give a heads up. Maybe you could push this file out for everybody asap because I had the exact same problem and it also CTD for me (showing an error with Microsoft Office), however after adding this file, it worked all fine again sincerely, Lennart
  2. Great, thanks! what about the second question? greetings.
  3. Hey! IVAO/Vatsim compatibility/required? If yes -> Possibility to receive ATIS via the system (for example looking what runways are active from IVAO- controller)
  4. Hey, 1. I've read a lot about this error, where P3D would CTD and this error showing, and yes I also read that it has to do with my own windows or so. I however only have this issue when flying CFD. As soon as I start a flight alone (in any of the busses) it all works fine. Only when flying CFD it crashes to desktop (fairly often), showing this error. Was this reported before that it only shows this error when flying CFD? 2. To fix this issue, what of the Redistributables do I have to delete and reinstall? I have a lot from 2005-2019, in another post I read I only need to reinstall the 2015 one or 2017 or whatever. Can someone help me out? Best wishes! BTW. P3D V4.5 (newest version) + newest version of the busses
  5. Hi Dave, I opened another topic for that, since it was not quite the same problem I suppose. Greetings!
  6. Hello, me and a friend have a problem, where when he is the one taxiing and brakes, they don't release, when he stops pushing the brake button. Neither of us have rudder paddles. When I taxi and brake, it brakes rather normally. He braked, the plane stoped and the brakes couldn't be released. What can be done? Both of us are in Prepar3D V4.5 (latest version) and have the newest experimental update on the busses (it's on all of them we tried). Edit: Could it have something to do with that he apparently uses normal brakes and I use differential brakes?
  7. Hi Dave, any update on this? Wanted to fly CFD with a friend and we had the problem (however only when he was taxiing, when I was taxiing, it worked normally)
  8. what wind do I have to enter? just from any waypoint before the ETP and one after the ETP or what?
  9. Tbh I quite like that only news get posted now. Not so much: When will it be released blah blah.. just my two cents
  10. I would have to say that for the A220 it's as hard to get performance information as on the A380.
  11. Aha so more like a show... What about the other 2 questions I had ? Thanks for your answers again
  12. It literally says : "also IDENT implemented" above.
  13. Haha great, thank you ! If I remember correctly the FsLabs has this feauture (8,33khz or similar) doesn't it ? Do you also plan to build in to receive ATIS off IVAO/Vatsim, like the FSL or QW 787 can do ? That would be probably one of the greatest (if only Datalink clearences worked ) things to add ! Seeing directly from your MCDU which Runways are open and the ATIS information would make the life so easy !
  14. some Questions : -What does Rain RPLNT do ? -Will the Transponder also have the function to delete the squawk so e.g sqwk 1000 will become - - - - and then you can enter a new one ? -Will the Squawk mode Charlie and Ident thing also work with IVAO in the future ? - Will it become a feauture to move the VHF frequency numbers in the 5 digit space like 121.030, 121.035 etc. ? - Does the PWS actually work and does it really show a windshear or is it just there so we have the button simulated? Thank you in advance for the answers and I wish you a good night.. zzzZZ
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