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  1. my dear mopperle shut up yourself. i say whatever i fancy as long as i am a paying customer. and please do not tell me that aerosoft is the poorest business running company in fs business, based ONLY on enthusiasts. it is the most payed, most product assorted company, with a very good income. its not a problem to guess. if you are so clever, go freeware then, and there would be no questions asked. and please dont put your long nose in conversations, you were not invited to. sometimes you can get hurt
  2. i don't even begin to imagine how much money you earned on it, so please don't! i even dont want to think how much only I have spent already how in gods name these jetways may collide? the doors are in distance, so are the jetways, especially number 3!
  3. Jetways as i think are approaching the aircraft too slow. but that's no big problem. the bigger one is why not move two jetways simultaneously? especially the A380. the third jetway for the upper deck is the last to attach, and it very unrealistic for example for emirates, where first class passengers have to get out first. is it some kind of aes limitation? also, on pushback. many aircraft start pushback when the jetway is removed to some distance and not necessarily wait until the jetway is completely parked, closed, lights of and the operator gone to have coffee. thank you
  4. Today i fantastically find out that not only aerosoft failed to make a normal scenery, making it very hard on framerates, BUT ALSO... forgot something "not important" at all - Antalya new Domestic Terminal which opened this summer: any comment on that???
  5. what i see instantly: LTU - all flights coded as air berlin BER since 1 may 2009 VIM - air via - discontinued destination CAI - corendon - all aircraft wetleased, but in corendon colours, NON fly as corendon itself SMX - defunct, alitalia express' flights now operated by Air ONE check for more, sorry i am NOT doing your job for you! p.s. check with wikipedia as your source. it has became much more "up to date" than any airport's website. For example Madrid airport website (AENA) still says it has T3, while it was merged into Terminal2 half a year ago.
  6. afcad is terrible. some airline assignments include airlines, that do not fly to Munich any more. but that's not the biggest tragedy, - it's that some gates are missing. for what reason??? it is not Simflyers2006!!! plus, some gates where Lufthansa should be at T2 have assignments DHL!!! I think i do not have to interpret that code. Where were the beta testers looking?
  7. you forgot about the LODS, i think that is much more important for the performance. especially when not too close to the airport
  8. i just poseted in another ORLY thread, but would like also to put this here: i am just mad by Flusipeter who keeps saying that all of the Orly problems is because of bad computers, that are not up to date and because of FS settings set too high! and i will add, i am sorry, but why latest FSDreamteam Dallas with full settings and much better design and level of detail works better that Orly? i hope everyone agreess that this Orly scenery is just a failure which needes to be completely remade
  9. i am sorry but tell me WHY ANYONE should do ANYTHING with their flight simulator settings if your scenery is BAD! and EVERYBODY knows about it! and i am sure including you. guys on the french and russian forums have THE SAME isuues with Orly and a lot of people are reversing to the 2005 payware. as far as i can see you didn't even bother to do the LODs normally. when you are 10 miles away from the scenery and you zoom you can see ALL OF THE OBJECTS ALREADY DRAWN AND PRESENT despite that they need to do that step-by-step at a closer approach. and please stop convincing everyone that it is not the scenery problem and that it is an anomaly. the scenerely is CRAP and until you remake ik you will have plenty of money backs and no customers.
  10. and when it will be done? cause if u see the photos on airliners/jetphotos - the building IS ALREADY there!
  11. people, there is a fantastic freeware scenery of ANC on avsim. With the new terminal and so on? Why aren't you enjoying it?
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