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  1. Thanks for this post, In fact I've Orly X with a few payware installed : FranceVFR Paris with all the addons of this company. Addit pro to manage my sceneries MyTrafficX with AirNav FSLive Traffic 3 REX 2.0 HD Rex weather engine 2.0 on a another computer (Simconnect) FSMAP on the same network machine That's all for Orly neighborhood. In fact I've similar problem with Mega Airport CDG My FSX.CFG is tweaked as far as I can with really better performances regarding the first results I got. My master computer : Antec DF85 with Gigabyte X58A-UD7, Core I7 960 at 4.2, (no HT for FS
  2. Just found something regarding this problem... I've noticed that everywhere my fps were dramatically decreasing there was Chimneys with smoke in the background. As I didn't know from which add-on those Chimneys were, I disabled one after the other all the sceneries regarding Paris (FranceVFR), finally just leaving Orly X. (The last one was "Nextmesh France"). Heading Runway 6 : 15 fps ! I enabled then all those sceneries back and... no more Chimneys, no more smoke... and fps between 14 to 17 fps with normal traffic, almost everywhere. I don't really understand from what those Chimneys
  3. Hi Mathijs, That was only a smile, regarding this nice plane that I was one of the first to say it was a nice add-on. But regarding its frame rate at LFPO, your new scenery, with all at normal or less, or at LFPG one of your older scenery, Fps are down, never at 30 !. That's not because of the plane but when someone says : " but it's very nice to fly into one of the Mega Airports and see FPS solidly above 30 with settings I have not used before.", I'm still asking to have an answer at the multiple posts placed on multiple forums regarding really poor performances at some mega airports : Ai
  4. My answer just after your tests ! Never mind just do as you feel but it is a scenery conflict... Marc
  5. I don't understand too ! I've a similar configuration without such problems. The only thing that would be abble to give such a result would be a problem with another scenery. Is it possible for you to send me a copy of your scenery list and may be also your fsx.cfg ? If I can do something for you it will be with pleasure... May be try a search in all Fsx directory for all file with LFPO (if you didn't did it) Marc
  6. Bonjour, Où en es tu de tes problèmes ? De quel version s'agit il FSX ou FS9 ? As tu recherché si il n'y avait pas de conflit avec d'autres BGL qui traîneraient ? Il y a un utilisateur anglophone de cette scène qui a des problèmes identiques aux tiens apparemment... Marc
  7. Bonjour, Si tu vas sur la partie anglaise du forum, tu vas trouver un wagon de remarques sur ce problème qui sera peut être résolu avec la sortie d'un SP1 en cours de tests actuellement. Site anglais Il y a apparemment de gros problèmes de fiabilité sur l'avionic et les pneus qui éclatent à l'atterrissage... Les utilisateurs sont quelques peu énervés sur la fiabilité de cet add-on. Perso je fais en manuel pour le moment. Marc
  8. Unfortunately these are common errors with FSX and Windows seven, but not only with MA Orly X (and may be not at all). I do have or had some of those messages also and FSX still crash sometimes, I don't know really why, but it does not so much as yours. What I did to reduce some of those was to use fully qualified path for all programs and dll in dll.xml : C:\Users\User.Domain (or) User\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX for example I replaced : <Launch.Addon> <Name>Captain Sim Menu</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Path>Captain_Sim\Captain
  9. In fact if FSX crash you must find errors in the "Event Viewer". Do you know how to find it ? In the start menu, just type "Event" in the "Search programs and files" and you'll have "Event viewer" in the list. It should be something like this in your language as that' it in french. You'll have critical errors in the Windows part / Application or System. General information would be useful... Send me an email if you prefer... Marc
  10. Hi everybody, Regarding the performance problem, after some adjustments in my fsx.cfg (some more tweaks based on Jesus Altuve experience) I got some more fps on that scenery (nearly double). Some troubles stay, for example when arriving on Runway 6, fps dramatically fall from 15 to 8 fps, but on the airport itself, with normal traffic I get 15 to 17 fps. If I take off, fps stay at 8 to 10 fps and only a few miles from the airport increase at a "normal rate". Another evidence? Marc
  11. Hi Frank, Can you tell me what kind of message you get in the windows 7 event viewer ? Marc
  12. Hi there, Some good news. I tweaked my fsx.cfg again, regarding Jesus Altuve advice, and made some change and can obtain now over 15fps. I'm just surprise that on Runway 26 with Aerosoft Bus, I reached 17/19 but with Flight one ATR on runway 6, back to 8 fps at the entry of the runway and for the all takeoff. Traffic still dramatically decrease frame rate. I do continue to test this scenery with other planes and other rules... Marc
  13. Hi Frank, Yes I do have Windows 7 64 bits ultimate but not this problem. I've just tried to rename all LFPO objects outside Mega Orly folder, did you tried that ? Marc
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