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  1. Sorry, but I think you're confuse on this. I used to flight very often into Bogota airspace IRL. Maybe, but you can try changing CLB Speed Lim value, just for test. Sorry, I can help you more but I don't have A320 PRO version installed anymore. Safe flight.
  2. Default Speed Lim below 10000' AGL is a Standard Normal Procedure and a IFR procedure. To take in account, managed climb speed, computed by the FMGS, provides the most economical climb profile as it takes into account weight, actual and predicted winds, ISA deviation and Cost Index (CI). The managed climb speed also takes into account any speed constraints, e.g. the default speed limit which is 250 kt up to 10 000 ft AGL. I can imagine it. 'the other' FMGS simulation goes deeper in all functions logic.
  3. Not so sure about your answer. For example in SKBO you set your CLB Speed Lim 250/18000 ( 10000' AGL ).
  4. Just for curiosity, What altitude have you set in CLB Speed Limit ? ( for example: 250/ 10000 or 250/18000 )
  5. What mode read on your FMA ( PFD upper part ).? Apparently you are in HDG or TRK mode. This line appears in green only in the ROSE NAV or ARC mode when HDG or TRK is selected on the FCU. Of course as mopperle says in NAV mode green line is your route.
  6. When you say ‘lost’ LOC and GS, are you referring to lost of signal ( ‘red flags’ ) or just doesn’t remain centered in approach? What about your approach speed according your configuration ?
  7. Time to turn ON Wing Antice !!!! Time for diverting ...... See you later !!
  8. No one accuses anyone of lying, maybe you're just confused. Here are the weight limitations on some models that my airline operates.
  9. Max ZFW of A-319 to A-321 are from 58500K (58.5K) to 73800 (73.8K) , depending of company configuration of course, but nothing higher than 100K.
  10. THRUST REVERSE LIMITATIONS Selection of the reverse thrust is prohibited in flight. Backing up the aircraft with reverse thrust is not permitted. ⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️ Maximum reverse should not be used below 70 kt. Idle reverse is permitted down to aircraft stop. As you say before, since this feature is a limitation, is not modeled by Aerosoft A320 ( not normal operation )
  11. In addition, be sure you select throttle axis count in Aerosoft configuration as required.
  12. Hi, nice product. My request: Avianca - MSLP
  13. CRJ doesn't have RNP (AR) capability, none on SIM or in Real Life.
  14. Already discussed in:
  15. Meanwhile, I'm getting ready for the big moment of release.
  16. No problem at all, just :
  17. Be sure to set "Modern" , not "Legacy" flight mode. All default MSFS aircraft have been designed with a modern flight model. There’s no reason for using the legacy flight model.
  18. I'm glad you find a partially solution.
  19. Sorry for insist, but Did you turned Both FD OFF , leave at least 3 seconds and then ON ? I know you have plenty experience in Airbus but sometimes we miss something.
  20. What if, you reset both FD from ON to OFF then ON?
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