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  1. I was using P3dv4.5 with all the latest updates. I was doing a flight yesterday KDFW Dallas Fort worth to KLAX Los Angeles. Everything was fine I was on approach to 25L ILS approach approaching LIMMA intersection where I began configuring the aircraft to flaps 3 and gear down. I was doing a Flaps 3 landing that was my set up. As soon as I decided to activate the secondary Flight plan due to ATC on vatsim asking me to switch to runway ILS25R instead I had a CTD. Just to let you all know incase of anything I'm a real world Airbus pilot we do load back up approaches in the secondary FP
  2. hello. thank you for the responses and suggestions I will try and see what works. Otherwise its still a good product
  3. Hello. Thank you for the response are you saying you were only able to see the elevators move up and down in the video or you can’t see the video at all? I have the video saved on my iPad I recorded it I’m not sure how I would link to you I thought this forum would have been ok. i have updated p3D to the latest. I have the current v1.0.07 for Aerosoft unless there is a v1.0.08 version out there I didn’t know about . Everything is updated for sure and my settings have been turned down since Aerosoft 320 professional was released. I only use active sky the one for p3d. The MC
  4. I uploaded a video which shows a problem with the elevator as you see by the flight control page the elevator is moving rapidly up and down. I fly airbus in real life in the US New York based and that doesn’t happen. Then also while on final for ILS12L Cancun MMUN before I intercepted the localizer the plane starts to rock violently left and right . yes , I have a laptop and it handles p3d addons well including PMDG products in sceneries such as KJFK or EGLL or KLAX So, can anyone explain this to me? IMG_2971.MOV
  5. Hello so I would like to confirm. Does that mean there will be NO A330-200 for P3d v4.5? thank you
  6. Yea Well that’s what I read earlier but it wasn’t specific enough .tweaks such as? That’s what I was trying to find out
  7. Hello I’m a flight simmer/real world airbus pilot in the US what exactly was done in the new updates for the v130 ? i did read previous posts but I didn’t find anything specific thanks 😊
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