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  1. Before I started flying the A330, I did a short tenure on the A320. Line transition training was an overall of around two weeks. Only REAL differences is the size of the aircraft, although there are different systems that the A330 has compared to the A320, i.e. larger fuel tanks, all that good stuff. It takes some getting used to, but the average simmer should be able to transition nicely onto the 330 without a hitch.
  2. The one thing that bugged me on the A320 is how fast the cargo doors open/close. Will you include realistic timing of the opening and closing of the cargo doors?
  3. Will the 'MECH' Horn sound be modelled? I feel it is a small feature, but an important one. It is used almost everyday in SOP procedural flights.
  4. Hong Kong Dragon Airlines - A330-300 & Rolls Royce engines.
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