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  1. Hallo 

    Habe Probleme den Airport Svalbard4 zu installieren.

    Sehe immer nur Wasser und die Landebahn keine Strukturen des

    Flughafens und der Landschaft.

    Vielen Dank im voraus.

  2. Thank you for your reply! I directly compared the taxiing with other airports (with the FFA320 and default Cessna on XP11). It's actually not hard to taxi on the runway - I only notice it when exiting the runway to the taxiway (which might be caused by the taxiway slope as you've mentioned). So...if you're saying that in real life they also need a lot of thrust to taxi at that airport then this might actually be correctly modelled!
  3. Hello, it's somehow really hard to taxi at this airport - compared to other airports I need a lot of thrust to get and keep moving. It feels like moving on rough terrain (i.e. no airport pavement). Can anyone look into this please? Regards, The3hadow
  4. Yes, a high quality Madeira would be great!
  5. Sehr gut, vielen Dank für die harte Arbeit!
  6. There is already a Geneva payware airport for X-Plane.
  7. So...after two weeks still no updated version on the store. When is this going to happen?
  8. Thanks! Is the updated version already available in the store too?
  9. Here's a video of the P3D version of Bali (Bali X): Stills from that video: So, the P3D version looks correct.
  10. In this one you can see it very clearly: Stills from that video:
  11. I don't know I found it via google search. Here are some recently uploaded videos from YouTube: In those videos you can see that there's no's just a fence there...the "sea/stone wall" has the same height as the runway/taxiway.
  12. Hello, just purchased the new airport WADD Bali and I think there's something wrong here: I think there should be no "wall". It rather should have the same height as the surrounding/taxiway/runway. Reference picture: Regards, The3hadow EDIT: And it's not just me. When I take a look at the screenshots on the product page there you can also see those "walls".
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