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  1. Finally, after years waiting... I´m proud to make a video of my home city regards
  2. Nice! So I´m looking the AFCAD stands of Airline stands continue bad, and in the next months the scenery will be old, because now we have a Corporate Regional Terminal near Rwy 20 holding point and we have building a big hangars (capacity for one A380 or two A340) The old terminal B, a big part, have closed for works to improve About the handling vehicles, Acciona is a very little representantion here, the most common are Newco, Groundforce & Flightcare
  3. I love Aerosoft Manhattan of FS2004. thanks for view regards
  4. A little video dedicated to one of the best scenerys for FS2004
  5. I was make a video of this great scenery View on HD quality here And youtube link regards
  6. View on HD quality here And youtube link
  7. Hi! boys, my friend Pablete was create a great video of this airport thanks for view
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