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  1. The game reads it from bus.str, which is a compiled form of the bus.txt you edit. I don't know why they coded it that way, but that's how it is. So, you have to import the string table file (bus.txt) in order to update bus.str. If I understand it correctly, I'm not sure what's happening here... With my G25, I'm able to go into CBS's control assignments and assign the left/right steering controls to the steering wheel axis. I'm not using the gaming software to assign the steering wheel axis to the left/right arrow buttons... I don't know if the MOMO is compatible with CBS or if the G25 fix works with the MOMO, though... Pretty much the defaults. With the 900-degree range of motion.
  2. Sorry, chapter 9 is as far as it goes. Once you meet Isabelle in Times Square, that's it for campaign mode.
  3. Wow, late reply... But I'll reply anyway, in case you haven't figured it out yet.. Actually, you edit Import\Game\game\bus.txt Then you go into the vehicle editor (ctrl-N at main menu), and import string table, and select bus.txt
  4. You mean changing 0.005 to 0.050? I didn't try 0.050, but I did try a lower value.... 'STER' "steering" { 'PARM' "0.035" } It's not 100% exact, but it's close enough that you'd have to turn the wheel pretty darn fast for the in-game steering wheel to get significantly out-of-sync... Gives me the full 900 degrees... This is with 1.4.1...
  5. The English version is released world-wide. The site that's selling it just charges in Euros (which is the European currency if you're not familiar with it). The credit card company or PayPal will or should automatically convert the purchase price from Euros to US Dollars and charge you accordingly. PayPal converted it to, and charged me in Canadian Dollars just fine. Hope this helps.
  6. http://www.aerosoft.com/cgi-local/re/iboshop.cgi?showd,,10890 which is probably exactly the page you're referring to. Yes, it charges in Euros. Your paypal or credit card transaction will automatically convert Euros to US dollars and charge you accordingly.
  7. Well, TML found a way to make the G25 work, with the 900-degree steering too. Looks like a major workaround by changing the axes around and I haven't actually tried it yet, but supposedly it works.. http://www.citybussimulator.com/index.php?id=257&L=1
  8. I think there's a "Custom" installation option, that should allow you to choose where to install it. I installed mine on my F: partition, no problem, don't remember exactly where the option was, though...
  9. Ctrl-N at the main menu works.
  10. You need to right-click on the game icon (start menu, desktop, doesn't matter), and click "Run as administrator" on the menu that pops up. You may need to accept or allow this if/when the UAC prompt pops up. This will run it with full administrator privileges that one time only, and should save the key. Once the key is saved, you can run the game normally (without running as administrator) from then on. Your regular user account being an "administrator" level user is not the same thing as being a direct clone of the hidden "Administrator" user account. Your regular user account is still limited by Vista/7's User Access Control, and certain things will still need to obtain administrator privileges via automatic UAC popup or manually selecting "Run as Administrator" from the right-click menu.
  11. But, as I posted there, it is being worked on. The developers of the C4 engine are working with Logitech to fix this issue in the engine, and I'm fairly certain that TML will update CBS when this engine update is released.
  12. There are a couple key assignments to reset the vehicle, and reset Carlos in a spot a short distance away. Make sure these assignments are assigned to keys, and then you should be able to get out of these holes. I don't think they were assigned to keys by default, if I remember correctly...
  13. Run the program as administrator, enter the serial number, and it will save it properly. It can then be run normally from then on. It's the same with Vista, I burned off 2 activations on mine... Watching this 3-part tutorial walkthrough will most likely help get through it: Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHWrEBKLk7I Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQo9TyJf758 Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJBqpio5NsE
  14. No, the G25 issues are not fixed; but last I heard on the TML forum, the developers of the C4 engine were in communication with Logitech about fixing/adding the G25 (and other Logitech wheels) support to the engine. I'm currently working around it by using the pedals and shifter from my G25 (with the wheel itself sitting on the floor), and using my joystick for steering.
  15. I see several people posting requests to not include a built-in weather model or ATC... I beg to differ.... When/if I buy AFS2012, I'd highly prefer to have these in it in some form, rather than knowing full well that I'd have to buy AFS2012 and multiple other addons JUST to get even close to the functionality we have now in FSX... A new flight sim without these things would seem to me like we're back in the FS98-or-earlier days except with better graphics... I'm not asking for super-complex, super-realistic ATC or ActiveSky quality ATC or weather, the super-realistic stuff probably should be left to 3rd party developers. But I think AFS2012 should include something relatively "on par" with FS9/FSX ATC or weather simulation out of the box... Then at least I can have the *choice* if I want to further increase the realism with the 3rd party addons (like with FS9/FSX), rather than effectively being *forced* into buying them just to have that functionality, period... That's my $0.02....
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