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  1. Well I don`t know what i`m doing wrong, i`ve tried the setting at "0.035" and the bus still goes to full lock with a quarter turn of the wheel! And what I didn`t mention in the TML forums about editing the .str file, PARM is spelt backwards for some reason
  2. Maybe you would have to use a lower number with the 1.4.1 patch because TML have changed something in one of the game files. With the 1.3 patch, it was set at 0.005 & I changed it to 0.050, but the latest patch re-installs a original copy of the "bus.str" file.
  3. So TML think they`ve nailed the problems with the G25 huh?! What they forgot to mention is that you should reset the mappings in the Logitech software before playing with the 1.4.1 patch. And all they did about the slow steering problem was to speed up the bus steering wheel & make it out of sync with the G25. I cured the slow steering problem before the 1.4.1 patch by opening up the required .str file & changing the line "PARM 0.05" to "PARM 0.050" for the RTS. And I also did the same to the design-x buses & with the 1.4.1 patch, the buses now go to full lock with just a slight turn of the wheel! I`m sticking with 1.3 until TML really fix the G25 steering problems. Heres a vid to show whats happening http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kzEjXQ4-KY
  4. I tried to logon to the TML support forums, but I can`t seem to login in. I received the message "Your user account was deactivated manually and can be re-activated only by an administrator." Does this mean i`ve been kicked off the forums? If so I would like to know why, but I can`t find any way of contacting the forum admin to find out whats going off. Can someone please help me, my forum username is Ralph Kramden. Thanks
  5. Were in 2009 & TML can`t manage a simple thing such as walking pedestrians. Atari managed to pull it off in Driver Parallel lines & that was a PS2 game! Plus the building textures were sharper than CBS & the physics were also brilliant.
  6. I`m happy to report that the G25 now works perfect in CBS
  7. For some bizarre unknown reason, it always crashes at 6.15pm, so I just drove like a maniac down 42nd street & i`ve now completed the Campaign mode.
  8. Has anyone else managed to get past chapter 6 in campaign mode, because when I go back to the tow truck after i`ve moved the bus, CBS crashes. I`ve got the latest patch installed along with DirectX 9.0c & the latest Nvidia drivers & i`ve also got Quicktime 7.6.4 installed, so I haven`t got a clue why it crashes. Any ideas anyone?
  9. Whatever you do, don`t waste your time by uninstalling the Logitech software. The G25 still doesn`t work in CBS & you also end up with very heavy steering in other games without the software.
  10. You have to go to each bus stop on the Circle line - UN route & walk upto it & use the interact key to change the timetable.
  11. Looks like us G25 owners either make do with the keyboard or fork out for a new wheel. Thanks TML for making us wait for CBS & then really p i s s i n g us off by using a game engine that isn`t compatible with Logitech wheels. Anybody want to buy a slightly used Logitech G25 wheel? I too can register the pedals separately in CBS, but it refuses to recognise the wheel. I`ve just thought of something, how about setting the turning radius from 900 degrees to about 300 or 450.
  12. Hi, does anyone know which gaming wheels are compatible with CBS, because i`m seriously considering swapping my G25 for a Thrustmaster RGT FFB clutch gaming wheel. Obviously i'm very reluctant to get rid of my G25 because its a very good wheel. Ta
  13. I thought id removed my walkthrough vids on Youtube.
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