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  1. Is AES still supported if so, there is no server for downloading Thanks! Cheers. Alex Scandrett
  2. Hello, Is it possible for one to change a flight in the logbook/pilot to another logbook/pilot that is established within the program? I flew a flight and failed to change the logbook and pilot! Thanks! cheers Alex S. [scand]
  3. I am getting a message that the installer is not a Windows installer and to contact the vendor. I already have 3.0 installed, without having any problems! Thanks! Alex
  4. My motherboard crashed, Have to start from scratch all of FS9 How do I get my airports back? I have re installed the airports, but how do I get credit for AES credits restored? Thanks! Alex
  5. I still believe from day 1 of the English version either download or Box, that there is a problem with the files being loaded in both the Campaign and free ride modes. The Mission mode runs as designed. There are several posts made in the TML forums that make me to believe further that this is the problem. 1] In Chapter 3 after the introdution video, you are asigned a back up bus at the UN. After the video ends, Carlos is in the vicinity of the bus with Isabell waiting in the background. Carlos boards the bus and Isablle enters the bus talks with Carlos. Now the bus has not been activated, so there is nothing you can do until Isabell walks towrads the back of the bus. That never happens; She is standing opposite Carlos with her legs moving but not going anywhere. Now you have to quit and reload the game. In my case, it took three attempts to get past that segment and to complete the Mission. Chapter 4 and 5 had problems along the same line but after several attempts, the Chapters were completed. 2] Chapter 6 was the real problem. After the introduction and phone call, Carlos goes out to go to the BG to talk to Jack and also to get the towtruck to go to SQ. I noticed while he was walking the Frame rates took a nose dive. Getting in the truck, MAX speed was only 8 MPH and CBS exe encoutered a problem and needs to close. That happened on several attempts. Finally, after a dozen attempts without CBS problems, I managed to get to to the bus and move it. Received the phone message from Jack to take the truck home. Drove to his apartment and parked the truck in front next to the front door, where the the pink cone that you enter the building, that was all there was at the location. Haven't been able to get that far again. The German version has no problems, but I can't read or speak any German. My thoughts are that Aerosoft when packing the folders was in a great haste to get the product on the market, and messed up the procedure. Is there any chance, someone can double check this to make sure it was done correctly? Thanks! Regards, Alex
  6. I have read within TML Forum of similar issues. I have discovered that most of the files are going in the the proper folders, but quite a few are going astray within the HD. Those were removed after uninstalling and the Drive defragmented. Is there a way to exchange the download version for the BOX version as I will pay for the shipping? Thanks! Alex [scand]
  7. I can only get completely through Chapter 3. Throughout Chapter 4 at anytime from reaching the bus to the UN. CBS has encountered a problem and needs to close message appears each time attempted. Zip file = 1,771,230 kbs Control Panel ADD AND REMOVE = 2,678.00MB Properties of Installed Program Size = 2.60GB Size on Disk = 2.61GB 545 files 97 Folders Read Only is checked Something doesn't look right here. Thanks! Alex scand
  8. CBS #1.docCBS #2.doc The background blended in with the change option and missed it the first couple of times. Here is a second problem and I believe I am missing some of the files. I downloaded it to a temp directory. After openining the zip I extracted to a sub directory file TEMP. The icon of the exe file when I opened the temp folder was a white square with blue boundry which is unusual. For example I also downloaded the truck and the icon was a lot different. I went ahead and installed the ENG version and with everything in the options to the lowest scale, the sim during either Campaign or free xxx crashes and receive CBS exe has encountered a problem and has to close. After several reboots I manage to get to the end of Chapter 4 at the UN stop as required by ASSISTANCE. The remaining 6 Passengers did not disembark and ASSISTANCE still reports to go to the UN. Alex [scand]
  9. quote The problem seems to be with the installer not allowing the user to choose the location. I would greatly appreciate any assistance you may have to offer. We have nothing to do with the installation program. It comes from Aerosoft. So please contact the support (support[at] to get any assistance. Best regards, Mikey TML Studios [end of quote] I am trying to install the program into another Drive other than the default Drive C G:\Program Files\TML-Studios where I have World of Subways Vol 1. However I am not given the option to do so. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Cheers Alex A.M. Scandrett
  10. I see KSJC is listed in 2.01 but can't find the scenery by Mineta The only SJC scenery I find is FSDreamteam. Thanks! scand
  11. OK I will look into that but what you have described it is not FS2004 Compatible but FSX. I have FSX program but not installed. I have all the additional files for it on an external drive and wil use them once I have FSX up and running which will take a lot of time to tweak it the way I want it. I use FLIGHT PANEL STUDIO and it works great for me including FSX, however guges for FSX were limited the last time I looked! Thanks! Alex S
  12. Thomas, Basicallily the guage you are using is way out of date and won't work in FS2004. It is a Fs 98 Guage. FS2004 wont use it that is why it only shows up on FSMAP Desktop and not in FS2004 Panels! You may want to use an updated Panel Software to create your guage. The FS MAP Chart files I am still working on. It may become necessary for you to create the charts for your program ustilizing updated software! Thanks! Alex S
  13. I have encountered thus far two major Problems. 1] Even though charts have the required proper EXT. and were created PRIOR to FS MAPS released, they probably won't be compatible. The same goes with running FS2002 Aircraft in FS9 [FS2004] The file EXT's are the same but most won't work! 2] As stated in the manual on page 35 the istallation of the guage does not fuction properly. In the past I either have used the payware FS PANEL STUDIO to install similar type gauges or have used the software author's version of the SIE installer. Your method shows up while on the desktop being installed but in the actual Simulator it shows nothing. However, FS 2004 shows that the FSMAP is running but that is all it shows. FSUPIC is up to date along with the necessary Programs needed to run MSFS Just to inform you! Thanks! ALEX Nashville TN USA
  14. Sorry failed to mention that the above is for FS MAP. Alex S.
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