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  1. After having first looks on the landscape and the helipads, it's now definitively the time to take also a closer look at the airports. Let's start with the two largest: <<< Seychelles International Airport (FSIA) <<< Regional Praslin Island Airport (FSPP) More snapshots and infos in the newest publication on my website. BTW: Thirteen additional airstrips, spread over the Seychelles archipelago, will be included in #Seychelles4XPlane as well. More about that in the next posting...
  2. Nachdem wir in vorherigen Beiträgen auf die Landschaft und die Helipads eingegangen sind, ist es nun an der Zeit, einen ersten Blick auf die Flughäfen zu werfen. Beginnen wir mit den beiden größten: <<< Seychelles International Airport (FSIA) <<< Regional Praslin Island Airport (FSPP) Weitere Schnappschüsse und Infos dazu auf meiner Webseite. BTW: Dreizehn weitere Landebahnen, verteilt über des Archipel der Seychellen, werden ebenfalls in #Seychelles4XPlane enthalten sein. Mehr dazu im nächsten Posting...
  3. @Tom Knudsen Allow me to copy attached FB conversation into this thread: You got already an extensive explanation in this thread regarding the issues you encounter at ENDU. To summarize: The issues are not caused by @Marten' / Stairport Sceneries' ENTC scenery, but the X-Plane scenery architecture – and the fact, that LR doesn't allows us developers (yet) to patch meshes locally. Further reading here and here.
  4. Alright. These are the coverage maps of the single parts of A4XP: You see: For example the mentioned AT25 (Dumont d'Urville Station) is outside of the coverage of part 3. Extensions of existing parts as well as new parts are planned. The strategy in developing the terrain mesh was and is to build the terrain meshes there, where we already have add-ons from third-parties – or at least: add-ons are planned: E.g. I'm aware of two developers who plan add-ons for part 3, thus I realized the terrain mesh for that region. If you reveal more about your own development plans (contact me via the personal messenger here in the forum), I'll gladly pay attention to the concerned regions with the next A4XP update.
  5. Part 3 of Antarctica4XPlane covers Coats Land and the western parts of Queen Maud Land: From --39 to +6 longitude and down to a latitude of -81 degrees. Therewith, the location of the Troll Research Station is within the extend of Part 3. If you have only water at AT27 (please note: not AT25) then there's maybe something wrong with your installation of A4XP. If you need help, please start your simulator and a flight at AT27, then send me your Log.txt (can be found in the root of your X-Plane 11 installation). P.S. You write "my airports": Does that mean that you're working on add-ons for A4XP? That would be great!
  6. If you mean the apt.dat provided in addition to Antarctica4XPlane Part 3, then just follow the installation instructions on the download-page. Please note, the apt.dat is provided just because of the fact, that for Part 3 doesn't exist so far any custom sceneries (different than for the Part 1 and 2, which are listed here). The apt.dat just defines some some skiways and helipads in the region covered by Part 3. Meant as starting points to explore the stunning landscape. These are the chosen (partially fictive) ICAO codes: EGAH (Halley Research Station), SAYB (Belgrano II Base), AT16 (Neumayer-Station III), DRE1 (Drescher Ice Camp), ABA1 (Aboa Research Station), WSA1 (Wasa Research Station), SVE1 (Svea Research Station), AT12 (Kohnen Station), AT22 (SANAE IV Research Base), AT27 (Troll Research Station) and TOR1 (Tor Research Station).
  7. @Heinz Flichtbeil Dieser Thread wäre im Simheaven Sub-Forum besser aufgehoben. Danke für's Verschieben.
  8. In case you have missed the latest posting on the developer blog: Seychelles4XPlane will offer a few special destinations for helicopter pilots in addition to the 15 airports and airfields: The snapshots show the heliports in the port of Victoria, as well as on Silhouette and La Digue island. Further reading...
  9. Falls ihr die jüngste Veröffentlichung im Entwickler-Blog verpasst habt: Seychelles4XPlane wird neben den 15 Flughäfen und Flugplätzen auch ein paar spezielle Ziele für Helikopter-Piloten anbieten: Die Schnappschüsse zeigen die Heliports im Hafen von Victoria, sowie auf den Inseln Silhouette und La Digue. Weitere Infos...
  10. Hinweis: Dieser Thread ist auch in Deutsch verfügbar:
  11. As mentioned, one key feature of Seychelles4XPlane is a custom terrain mesh for a photo-realistic rendition of the entire archipelago. The mesh will be complemented with a custom overlay, featuring -beside others- dense tropical vegetation on the islands. Two selected snapshots, just to get an idea about the work in progress: Further snapshots and more detailed information is available in the newest article on my website.
  12. Wie erwähnt, eine der Key Features von Seychelles4XPlane ist eine eigens entwickelte Gelände-Mesh, welche das ganze Archipel fotorealistisch wiedergeben wird. Ergänzt wird die Mesh durch Überlagerungen, welche -unter anderem- für dichte tropische Vegetation auf den Inseln sorgen werden. Hier zwei ausgewählte Schnappschüsse, um eine erste Idee von den Entwicklungen zu erhalten: Weitere Informationen und Schnappschüsse findet ihr im neuesten Artikel auf meiner Webseite.
  13. It’s time to inform you about the plans for our upcoming X-Plane scenery package, which will feature the Seychelles: You can look forward to a photo-realistic custom terrain mesh covering the entire 115-island country; Dense tropical vegetation and country-specific autogen; Detailed renditions of the Seychelles International Airport as well as the regional Praslin Island Airport; Numerous additional airstrips and helipads, which are spread over the smaller islands. Please note, that this is just a very short summary of the key features. More information and a detailed feature list will follow. To stay up-to-date, I suggest to you to follow this forum-thread and to check the Seychelles4XPlane-development blog frequently. Further previews can be found in the recently published article on my website.
  14. Es ist an der Zeit, euch über die Pläne für unser nächstes X-Plane-Landschaftspaket zu informieren, welches die Seychellen abdecken wird: Freut euch auf ein fotorealistisches Gelände-Mesh, welches das gesamte Archipel mit seinen 115 Inseln abdeckt; Dichte tropische Vegetation und landestypisches Autogen; Detaillierte Wiedergaben des Seychelles International Airport sowie des regionalen Praslin Island Airport; Zahlreiche weitere Landebahnen und Helikopterlandeplätze, verteilt über die kleineren Inseln des Archipels. Bitte beachtet, dass dies nur eine äusserst kurze Zusammenfassung der wichtigsten Features ist. Weitere Informationen und eine detaillierte Featureliste folgen. Um auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben, empfehle ich, diesem Foren-Thread zu folgen und den Seychelles4XPlane-Entwicklungsblog regelmäßig zu besuchen. Weitere Previews findet ihr im kürzlich veröffentlichten Artikel auf meiner Website.
  15. Nach dem umfangreichen Update von #Faroes4XPlane im vergangenen Monat, veröffentlichten wir vergangene Woche ein weiteres (kleines) Update v2.1 mit einigen Korrekturen und Ergänzungen. Alle Details zum Update, sowie weitere Schnappschüsse sind in der Ankündigung auf meiner Webseite zu finden. Faroe Islands XP steht hier im Aerosoft Shop zur Verfügung. All diejenigen, die bereits eine Kopie besitzen, können das Update über ihr Kunden-Konto beziehen.
  16. In case you missed it: After the huge update of #Faroes4XPlane last month, we released last week an additional (minor) update v2.1 with some fixes and additions. Complete change log and further snapshots can be found in the announcement on my website. Faroe Islands XP is available here in the Aerosoft Shop. All those who already purchased a copy can access v2.1 in their customer account.
  17. Thanks for your feedback. The main gates are assigned to FLI (Atlantic Airways) and appropriate aircraft sizes. If XP finds matching aircrafts installed, they will be displayed. Otherwise, XP makes a random selection, which is not always as we would desire it, even when the gates are properly configured. In such a case, I'd like to suggest to simply deactivate "Draw parked aircrafts " in the XP settings, and the static aircrafts will disappear. @Heinz Flichtbeil Maybe an idea to move this thread into the Maps2XPlane-Addons section of the forum?
  18. The "flying" boats and ships are fixed with today's update of #Faroes4XPlane. But that's not all: See the complete change log and some snapshots here. Check your Aerosoft shop account. Partner shops will follow soon.
  19. Tom, thanks for your feedback and this report. @Marten from Stairport Sceneries (responsible for the airports and heliports in the Svalbard4XPlane scenery package) can surely explain that better, but if I remember correctly: The issue is, that default pushback/tug.obj cannot be overridden regionally (with a REGION command in the library.txt), therewith the EXPORT command for the tug.obj affects all sceneries and not only the Svalbard4XPlane scenery package. An issue, which is already reported to Laminar Research. Unfortunately, no solution or even a workaround so far. Only option is to delete the highlighted line in the library.txt or disable it with a "#" as followed: #EXPORT lib/airport/vehicles/pushback/tug.obj objects/vehicles/Equipment_Tug.obj Regards, Matthias
  20. Thank you very much for your feedback. We were able to reproduce the issue and we will aim for a solution.
  21. Thanks for your feedback and this report. May I ask: That's not a general issue? You find these "flying" ships only at specific places?
  22. In more detail: The Tromsø XP Custom Mesh is based on the UHD Mesh v4 and that UHD mesh has the shown mesh-artifacts at ENDU. In other words: The base mesh for the custom mesh-version causes the shown issue at ENDU, not the custom edit itself. See also the attached comparison. Thus I'd like to adapt Marten's comment and say: "works as _initially_ designed".
  23. The update of Faroe Islands XP is now available! The main goal of the Faroes4XPlane update is to make the scenery package even more lively. Therewith, the main objectives were: Vegetation, Autogen, Landmarks, Harbors and Marine Traffic. A detailed list of all new features, as well as an image gallery can be found in the official announcement on my website. Faroe Islands XP is available here Aerosoft Shop, but also offered by various partner shops. All those who already purchased a copy of Faroes4XPlane can get the update in their customer account.
  24. Es ist soweit, das Update für Faroe Islands XP ist nun verfügbar! Ziel des Updates ist, Faroes4XPlane noch lebendiger zu gestalten. Damit galt das Hauptaugenmerk der Vegetation, dem Autogen, zahlreichen Sehenswürdigkeiten, den Häfen und dynamischem Seeverkehr. Eine detaillierte Auflistung aller Neuerungen, sowie eine Bildergalerie ist in der offiziellen Ankündigung auf meiner Webseite zu finden. Faroe Islands XP steht hier Aerosoft Shop zur Verfügung, wird aber auch in zahlreichen Partner-Shops angeboten. All diejenigen, die bereits eine Kopie von Faroes4XPlane besitzen, können das Update in ihrem Kunden-Konto beziehen.
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