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  1. ...even also with X-Plane 11.50b16. We're ready for the rc1 😉 Flyover the neighboring islands of D'Arros (click for 4K).
  2. <<< Relaxed day on a beach in the Farquhar Atoll, near the airstrip on Île du Nord (FSFA)
  3. No magic, just hit the Download-Buttons shared in the first posting in this thread. When the downloads are finished, extract the ZIP files. In the extracted folders you'll find a README.txt with installation instructions – quite simple, as usual: just drop the scenery into your "Custom Scenery" folder. All available add-ons (airfields, research stations, base camps) are listed on this sub-site of my website. Enjoy #Antarctica4XPlane!
  4. According to Jennifer from Laminar Research on Apr 6, 2017: "[...] the GPS and FMS only display airport information that is from the Gateway and included in the default data. If we allowed for all custom sceneries to add or overwrite information for the GPS, chaos and insanity would ensue. For changes to be applied to the data, submit revised scenery to the Gateway [...]" I just saw, that all missing Seychelles airports were recently submitted to the Scenery Gateway. Therewith I'd expect, that the GPS will recognize the questionable airports with one of the next X-Plane updates. We'll see...
  5. Thanks for your feedback. According to the Aerosoft team: Maintenance. URL were updated and seem to work now. Enjoy your exploration of Antarctica4XPlane.
  6. I'm not aware of any seaplane operator in the Seychelles or certified water strips. However, in #Seychelles4XPlane you can create your own reality 😉 A couple of interesting spots are waiting for you: <<< Short trip from Port Victoria to Eden Island in AeroPedro's DHC-6.
  7. This shot was taken this morning when I was testing #Seychelles4XPlane in combination with X-Plane 11.50b9 D'Arros Island has never looked so good (click for 4K) 🙂
  8. I can confirm that, it's the Poivre Atoll with a prepared landing site on the island Poivre Nord. However, I don't know, if it's an airstrip in development, or an old runway, which isn't in use anymore. Maybe someone know more? I'm only aware of one other additional airstrip, which was recently in development, and inaugurated earlier this year: That one is located on Providence Island. However, that runway is (yet) not included in #Seychelles4XPlane, due to missing reference photos.
  9. However @dresoccer4 I wonder where are the villas on your screen!? There's obviously something wrong with your installation: You show the #Seychelles4XPlane terrain mesh, but definitively not the overlays and the airfield that are shipped with our scenery package! That may also explain the issues you have reported in the other forum threads. Here's another snapshot that shows the real beauty of Desroches' airfield: Have a look into the manual and check your installation. Ensure that Seychelles4XPlane is on top of your scenery_packs.ini. If you need help, send me a PM, and please attach your Log.txt!
  10. Great snapshot! Indeed, Desroches is one of the most stunning places of earth – and the villas look very inviting: Idea: Let us use this thread to share our favorite #Seychelles4XPlane snapshots and vids!
  11. Thank you very much for your feedback. Really appreciate that you can confirm, that this approach of building custom terrain meshes is a very good alternative between default textures and native photo-meshes. Both have their pros and cons, and one could sum up that we try to bring the pros from both worlds together, and it seems to work quite well 🙂
  12. You're welcome! Mind, that I also pulled the visibility in the weather settings to max, to have a good view on the islands. Maybe the dust in the atmosphere "conflicts" in your case somehow with the terrain. Idk, quite difficult to see on your screen.
  13. Great to hear that you enjoy #Seychelles4XPlane. Thanks for your feedback. Happy landings!
  14. Tried several settings and view angles, but I'm sorry, I cannot reproduce your issue. Here are some snapshots (click to view the 4K original's). X-Plane 11.41r1, no additional plugins installed (except SAM plugin, but that really shouldn't be a an issue). A sunset and a sunrise picture: At the shorelines, I see the lights of various buildings and streets, as well as lights from traffic. No graphical artifacts, as you show them.
  15. Of course, because I'm very interested in what's the correct way to workaround such gaps in the XP default Navdata-base. Always expected, that a custom apt.dat is enough, because LR states in their developer documentation: "[...] all data about airports and runways is taken from the apt.dat, which has been extended so it can carry information necessary for the avionics [...]". May I ask, what you do to workaround the issue? (would be also helpful for others, who follow this support-thread). Thanks in advance!
  16. Strange, FSSB and FSSD are the official ICAO codes for Bird and Denis Island, but it seems, that XP doesn't provide any Navdata for these airfields. Even more strange: When I create a flight plan with an external tool and load the flight plan in the default G530, XP complains "invalid departure airport: FSSB", even when the airport is defined in a custom apt.dat. Hmm...
  17. Seychelles4XPlane doesn't include ortho-photos in terms of a native photo-mesh, but features a "custom terrain mesh with photo-realistic textures" (as we state it in the official product info). These textures are derived from high quality air-photos, but they are "generic": That means, you may encounter repetitive patterns, but usually they aren't really noticeable, in particular if you fly on low altitudes. Such a mesh-solution has a lot of advantages over native photo-meshes, amongst others: consistently uniform quality (as it regards resolution, colors and so on) and most important: no distortions, in particular at steep slopes. Enjoy your exploration of Seychelles XP!
  18. Thanks for your feedback. Please update your X-Plane installation. You're currently running X-Plane 11.40r2. You need at least 11.41r1. Just run the "X-Plane 11 Installer" which you'll find in the X-Plane 11 installation directory. Let me know, if it works!
  19. Thanks for your feedback. You're welcome! I'm happy to hear that you enjoy #Antarctica4XPlane 🙂 Well, the strategy in developing the terrain mesh was and is to build the terrain meshes there, where we already have add-ons from third-parties – or at least: where add-ons are planned. The Ellsworth Mountains were initially planned for part 4, but based on the current plans of add-on developers, it's more likely that we'll see two other regions first. After the last A4XP update about a year ago, a new elevation model for Antarctica was published. It has the potential to improve the A4XP mesh, but not without a lot of extra-efforts – the dataset is full of artifacts and anomalies. Anyway, the idea is to improve at least the areas around existing and planned add-on sceneries. To summarize: The further A4XP mesh-development depends on the plans of add-on developers. I'll keep you up-to-date.
  20. Official Seychelles XP trailer 🙂 Further information about #Seychelles4XPlane in the developer-blog...
  21. Offizieller Seychelles XP Trailer 🙂 Weitere Informationen zu #Seychelles4XPlane im Entwickler-Blog...
  22. Here in the Aerosoft Shop or in one of the partner shops? Which one?
  23. Seychelles4XPlane - Seychelles Scenery for X-Plane is out now!

  24. A stunning landscape awaits you with more than a dozen scenic landing-sites: Seychelles International Airport, Praslin Island Airport and thirteen additional airfields and four heliports which are spread over the smaller islands of the Seychelles archipelago. But be prepared for challenging approaches: The island-runways are all quite short, embedded in dense tropical vegetation, and four of them are even unpaved grass airstrips. In short: Island hopping as its best! Seychelles XP is available here in the Aerosoft Shop. Further information and tons of snapshots can be found in the release notes on my website.
  25. Es ist soweit: Eine atemberaubende Landschaft erwartet euch mit mehr als einem Dutzend malerisch gelegenen Landeplätzen: Seychelles International Airport, Praslin Island Airport und dreizehn zusätzliche Flugplätze und vier Heliports, die über die kleineren Inseln des Seychellen Archipels verteilt sind. Seid auf herausfordernde Anflüge vorbereitet: Die Landebahnen der Inseln sind recht kurz, eingebettet in dichte tropische Vegetation, und vier davon unbefestigte Graslandebahnen. Kurzum: Inselhüpfen vom Feinsten! Seychelles XP ist hier im Aerosoft Shop erhältlich. Weitere Informationen und jede Menge Schnappschüsse in den Release Notes auf meiner Website.
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