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  1. Please try these shortcuts. Just tried them, all them work fine for me: Still issues? Then please check your security-settings or try another browser.
  2. @val1030 Thanks again for the chat we had via PM, good that we were able to solve your very special problem! I'm glad it wasn't a general problem. Thanks also for your feedback about #SaintCroix4XPlane, we're pleased that you like it! So then let's enjoy the sunrise over Saint Croix / Henry E. Rohlsen Airport / TISX: More snapshots in the release announcement on my website!
  3. As developers of Saint Croix XP, we're really sorry that Aerosoft One is causing such troubles for you. We'll send your feedback to Aerosoft! Actually, that's not the process as it should be. Please report your Aerosoft One experiences in the dedicated sub-forum or at the helpdesk. Really nice snapshot, thanks for sharing it! Really happy, that you got Saint Croix XP finally running and can enjoy the scenery pack!
  4. Thank you very much for this report! We're sorry that you have problems with Aerosoft One and that you, caused by those issues with the installation, cannot enjoy our beautiful Saint Croix XP scenery. Unfortunately, we developers have no influence on the way our publisher Aerosoft deploy products. But we immediately contacted our publisher Aerosoft and are waiting for feedback now. We will keep you up to date and hope to find a quick solution!
  5. Official #SaintCroix4XPlane trailer by our publisher Aerosoft. Enjoy: Read more about Saint Croix XP in our release announcement...
  6. Offizieller #SaintCroix4XPlane Trailer von unserem Publisher Aerosoft. Viel Spass: Mehr über Saint Croix XP in unserer Release-Ankündigung...
  7. SaintCroix4XPlane - Saint Croix Scenery for X-Plane is out now!

  8. SocietyIslands4XPlane - "Society Islands XP – Bora Bora & Leeward Islands" is out now!

  9. Great news: Saint Croix XP is now available from our publisher Aerosoft! Welcome to Saint Croix, the largest island in the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea. The extensive scenery package for X-Plane 11 not only includes the international Henry E. Rohlsen Airport, but also a custom photo-terrain-mesh, as well as custom overlays (vegetation, country-typical buildings, as well as a road-network and sea-routes with dynamic traffic). You can find more info and snapshots in the release announcement on my website.
  10. Tolle Neuigkeiten: Saint Croix XP ist jetzt bei unserem Publisher Aerosoft erhältlich! Willkommen auf Saint Croix, der größten Insel der Amerikanischen Jungferninseln in der Karibik. Das umfangreiche Landschaftspaket für X-Plane 11 beinhaltet nicht nur den internationalen Flughafen Henry E. Rohlsen, sondern auch ein eigens erstelltes Foto-Terrain-Mesh, sowie eigene Overlays (Vegetation, landestypische Gebäude sowie Strassennetzwerk und Seewege mit dynamischem Verkehr). Weitere Infos und Schnappschüsse findet ihr in der Release-Ankündigung auf meiner Website.
  11. I am pleased to announce that CDB Scenery Design and Maps2XPlane have joined to develop together another island scenery for X-Plane: The largest island of the United States Virgin Island in the Caribbean Sea: Saint Croix. Look forward to a highly-detailed rendition of the international Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (TISX) and a custom photo-terrain-mesh covering the entire island, featuring custom overlays (such as vegetation, country-typical buildings, as well as a road-network and sea-routes with dynamic traffic). The scenery will be complemented with renditions of Christiansted and Frederiksted, with selected landmarks, and of course the Christiansted Seaplane Base. More snapshots and information in the developer-blog: #SaintCroix4XPlane
  12. Ich freue mich mitteilen zu können, dass CDB Scenery Design und Maps2XPlane sich zusammengetan haben, um gemeinsam eine weitere Insel für X-Plane umzusetzen: Die größte Insel der Amerikanischen Jungferninseln in der Karibik: Saint Croix. Freut euch auf eine detailreiche Darstellung des internationalen Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (TISX) und ein individuelles Foto-Terrain-Mesh, das die gesamte Insel mit individuellen Overlays (Vegetation, landestypische Gebäude sowie Strassennetzwerk und Seewege mit dynamischem Verkehr) abdeckt. Ergänzt wird die Szenerie durch die Städte Christiansted und Frederiksted, mit ausgewählten Sehenswürdigkeiten und selbstverständlich der Christiansted Seaplane Base. Weitere Schnappschüsse und Info im Entwickler-Blog: #SaintCroix4XPlane
  13. You're welcome! And yes, you can disable static aircrafts, if you don't need them. Different than for #Seychelles4XPlane, this time no custom static aircrafts – but maybe with an update in the course of the "Tahiti & Windward islands" development. We'll see...
  14. Thanks for your purchase. Of course, we are happy to be at your disposal if you have any questions! The scenery package "Society Islands XP - Bora Bora & Leeward Islands" covers the six tiles you've listed entirely. Mind, the scenery package does not only come with five airports and six helipads, but also a custom terrain mesh and custom overlays (vegetation, buildings, road-networks and sea-routes with dynamic traffic). Therewith, no need to install any additional scenery! If you already have installed additional scenery, you don't need to modify your existing scenery. Just ensure, that the three sub-packages "Society Islands XP - Leeward - Airports", "Society Islands XP - Leeward - Overlays" and "Society Islands XP - Leeward - Terrain" are placed in your "Custom Scenery" folder, and that they are listed on top of your scenery_packs.ini (in aforementioned order and above all other scenery you've installed for the region). Just checked all of the Ramp Starts: They are configured with the correct (intended) type and airline. But if I recall correctly, XP will load alternative static aircrafts if it cannot find a suitable one for the configured type and airline. I'm not sure whether there is any way we can influence that and the amount of static aircrafts spawning. You can disable "static aircrafts" in your XP settings when you're unhappy with what XP is doing here. I will, however, try to find out more about this (background: I am focused on the development of the landscape, Albert on that of the airports - he can certainly say more about this specific XP behavior and what we control and what not).
  15. The hyperlink you've posted works for me. Please specify more precisely where which link does not work. Thanks!
  16. The wait was worth it: "Society Islands XP – Bora Bora & Leeward Islands" is now available in the Aerosoft Shop. So then let’s go: Welcome to Bora Bora and the Leeward Islands, the western part of the Society Islands in the South Pacific. Stunning atolls, sandy beaches and mountainous islands covered by tropical forests are waiting for you! Included are a custom terrain mesh with custom overlays (vegetation, buildings, road-network with dynamic traffic), as well as detailed renditions of five regional airports (Bora Bora, Raiatea, Huahine – Fare, Maupiti, Tupai) and six helipads. Further information in the developer-blog and in the official release announcement.
  17. Das Warten hat sich gelohnt: "Society Islands XP – Bora Bora & Leeward Islands" ist ab sofort im Aerosoft Shop erhältlich. Also los geht's: Willkommen auf Bora Bora und den Inseln unter dem Winde, dem westlichen Teil der Gesellschaftsinseln im Südpazifik. Atemberaubende Atolle, Sandstrände und bergige Inseln, die von tropischen Wäldern bedeckt sind, warten auf dich! Enthalten sind ein eigenes Gelände-Mesh und Autogen (Vegetation, Gebäude, Strassennetzwerk mit dynamischen Verkehr, usw.), sowie detaillierte Umsetzungen von fünf regionalen Flughäfen (Bora Bora, Raiatea, Huahine – Fare, Maupiti, Tupai) und sechs Hubschrauberlandeplätzen. Weitere Informationen im Entwickler-Blog und in der offiziellen Release-Ankündigung.
  18. In addition to the five airports, #SocietyIslands4XPlane also includes a selection of exciting helipads. Here are two of them: Read more about the six helipads in this article. BTW: If everything goes well, it won't be long until the release 😉
  19. Neben den fünf Flughäfen, beinhaltet #SocietyIslands4XPlane auch eine Auswahl an spannenden Helipads. Hier zwei davon: Lest in diesem Artikel mehr dazu und zu den sechs Helipads. BTW: Wenn alles glatt läuft, wird es nicht mehr lange bis zum Release dauern 😉
  20. Thanks for your request! Maps2XPlane is the brand for our Custom Sceneries for X-Plane. Some are freeware, others are payware. May I interpret your request in such a way that you are interested in working in our QA team? If that's the case, I'll be happy to get in touch with you via PM.
  21. Just in case, someone missed the lastest article about the airports included in the "Bora Bora & Leeward Islands" package of #SocietyIslands4XPlane: Look forward to Bora Bora Airport (NTTB), Raiatea Airport (NTTR), Huahine – Fare Airport (NTTH) and Maupiti Airport (NTTP), and in addition the airfield on Tupai (NTTU). Here are a few selected snapshots from two of the listed locations: Bora Bora Airport (NTTB): Raiatea Airport (NTTR): More snapshots and info can be found in the most recent article on my website.
  22. Falls jemand den Artikel über die Airports verpasst hat, die im Paket "Bora Bora & Leeward Islands" von #SocietyIslands4XPlane enthalten sein werden: Freut euch auf Bora Bora Airport (NTTB), Raiatea Airport (NTTR), Huahine – Fare Airport (NTTH) and Maupiti Airport (NTTP), sowie zusätzlich das Flugfeld auf Tupai (NTTU). Hier einige ausgewählte Schnappschüsse von zwei der Orte: Bora Bora Airport (NTTB): Raiatea Airport (NTTR): Weitere Infos und Schnappschüsse findet ihr im neuesten Artikel auf meiner Webseite.
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