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  1. wanthuyr

    ELEVATION missing

    Unfortunately the whole process was very badly explained, but yes, I've backed up the whole folder and then after installation I've put it back overwriting anything that was found duplicated.
  2. Hello, I updated to version 2, then again to version 2.01, but I saved my DATA folder before so I didn't lose anything. The main issue now is that I can't see TERRAIN ELEVATION information whatsoever, the software reports data missing. Then please, WHERE do I get these data? Thank you.
  3. wanthuyr

    PFPX 2.01 hotfix

    How do you get terrain elevation information? It appears disabled in mine, and it reports elevation data not available. Thanks!
  4. wanthuyr

    export FP to MaddogX .mdr

    Please advise, is this resolved? Which one to use?
  5. Hello, I've just upgraded to version and I still can't find flight plan (navigation and wind data where applicable) to the following addon aircraft in P3D v4.4: FSL A320 TFDi B-717 Leonardo MD-82 Also, the terrain is not showing up, it says data unavailable. How can I fix these issues? Thanks in advance.
  6. wanthuyr

    Any word on PFPX update?

    So, devs, what's it gonna be? Dead or alive?
  7. wanthuyr

    Any word on PFPX update?

    What bothers me the most is the lack of ability to export routes and winds to several addon aircraft released in the last few years, which need some PFPX work in this regard.
  8. Does it happen with anyone else? PFPX simply freezes from time to time, quite frequently, and after several seconds becomes responsive again. If I try doing something whilst it's in the frozen condition it will even say "program not responding". Thanks.
  9. What if I have a custom flightplan format? Will it work?
  10. wanthuyr

    export FP to MaddogX .mdr

    Same question as above, please don't let this program fall down.
  11. wanthuyr

    Any word on PFPX update?

    It´s been like four months now since the last transmission, is there something new on the horizon?
  12. wanthuyr

    PFPX Update?

    Great, but what about TFDi Boeing 717?
  13. wanthuyr

    PFPX Update?

    Hello everyone, Any news regarding exporting flight plans/company routes from PFPX to A320 FSLabs and B-717 TFDi? Thanks.
  14. wanthuyr

    PFPX crash

    Hello Tom, It crashes randomly, most of the times without interaction, I really can't identify one particular behaviour. One of these days when it crashed I checked the Event Viewer and noticed that it mentioned a .DLL which I suppose is related to VC++ 14 Libs or something similar to that. Then I downloaded the latest Libs available and took the oportunity to uninstall ALL Libs from my Win10 (checking for leftovers too) and at last I installed the recently downloaded latest version Libs. Unfortunately it didn't take much long until PFPX crashed again. I hope it gets fixed when the next update comes out. Is the new update being announced on the program "check for update" functionality, or it will be announced only at the forum? Thanks.
  15. wanthuyr

    PFPX crash

    Hello L and G, It's 2017 downhill and my PFPX still crashes very frequently with no apparent cause. It's the only software that crashes in my Win10 computer. I assure you that I'm using the latest version of PFPX. Do the developers still plan to fix this issue? Thanks.