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  1. So it's more than THREE MONTHS already and no solution given? I've just updated to version 2.04 and I regret doing so, if only I knew I would have this kind of trouble... I'm not sure whether or not the subscribers have this issue, the point is that I do not have a subscription and I'm OK with that, since I use ActiveSky as the source of WX information (unless you wanna provide me with a free subscription). Now I'm with a broken flight planner, since it doesn't compute the winds aloft it doesn't do it's job. Now, is this going to be fixed?
  2. PFXP updated to version 2.03, but everytime it just closes itself. Today it closed when I was setting up a route. Any ideas on how to prevent this from happening?
  3. Can I find a good one to FSL A320 for P3D? And also TFDi Boeing 717? Thanks.
  4. I can't find a full template for a B-777-300ER of PMDG, is there one available? Many thanks!
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