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  1. So it's more than THREE MONTHS already and no solution given? I've just updated to version 2.04 and I regret doing so, if only I knew I would have this kind of trouble... I'm not sure whether or not the subscribers have this issue, the point is that I do not have a subscription and I'm OK with that, since I use ActiveSky as the source of WX information (unless you wanna provide me with a free subscription). Now I'm with a broken flight planner, since it doesn't compute the winds aloft it doesn't do it's job. Now, is this going to be fixed?
  2. Can I find a good one to FSL A320 for P3D? And also TFDi Boeing 717? Thanks.
  3. I can't find a full template for a B-777-300ER of PMDG, is there one available? Many thanks!
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