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  1. Hi there everyone, So, upon shift + 2 the left MCDU appears and I know it can be resized with mouse dragging, however I would very much like it to pop up at the top left of the screen and about a third of the size permanently, is this possible? A config file job maybe? A big ask I know but any idea's anyone please? Mark FSX Windows 7 64 bit.
  2. I totally agree, I am not interested in what goes on out of the window but how to master what’s going on inside the flight deck, believe me I have spent many hours parked at a gate pouring over systems and procedures with manuals in hand in an attempt to understand and master this amazing software. Anyway PC up and running and flying again! The Bus moving is along just a bit smoother to what I am used to, a little bit of a bonus. Much appreciation and gratitude Mathijs to you and your team for allowing us to experience the Airbus in our living room.
  3. Very many thanks to those of you who contributed to my predicament in a constructive way. Going back to my original post and digesting the much appreciated advice I decided a self build with such a small budget was too big a risk for me, I obtained the workstation for €105, my income and circumstances allow me to go no further. Even I myself scoffed at this machine but it was my only option to keep flying, having put up with my previous machine for so long I have learnt so much by having so little to work with if you get my drift, It's never looked pretty with all the sliders on low and no weather, however I've have had the opportunity to get to know the Bus very well, just, and for that I am grateful, maybe in the future I'll be ready for some decent visuals, the HPZ10 is just a cheap replacement to keep me on radar!
  4. Hi there, Many thanks for your post and kind offer. It is indeed a good deal of which I will give some serious thought. Apart from the occasional hard drive swap, RAM and DVD install I'm ashamed to say I've never gone down the self build road before hence the choice of the Workstation. My old machine is a Dell Optiplex 960 tower with a 255W power supply, I maybe wrong but I'm doubting this would be reusable for a start. Anyway I will certainly do a bit of research and see if I can obtain some guidance with the rest of things like hard drive, operating system and licence, it'll be new territory for me. I appreciate your help. Should we PM each other from here?
  5. Thank you for taking time out to respond to my post Mathijs, it's very much appreciated. I do understand and I too am reluctant to take on this machine, I am fully aware of it's limitations, however this is my only option otherwise if my wife finds out she will send me shopping for some running shoes instead!
  6. My old Dell machine sported the maximum recommended Radeon HD 4670 which still works fine. The HP Workstation recommends a NVIDIA Quadro 600! The very slightest of performance improvement when compared with the Radeon but not enough to notice any difference anywhere I'd conclude, surely with an i7 It can't be any worse. Am I going down the right road here?
  7. Hi there, Unfortunately I have long been unable to justify a decent machine to run FSX along with my much loved Airbus. My trusty core 2 quad 2.8ghz, 4GB, Vista machine that has served me so well by just about allowing me to run and learn Aerosoft's marvel has finally given up. I am still in the same position whereas I can only afford a budget system as a replacement but hopefully a very, very small upgrade for me anyway might be a slight improvement on what I've had, I'm not expecting to get blown away. So a HP Z210 workstation core i7-2600@3.4GHZ, 8Gb Ram is on my list for £130.00 which is my absolute limit along with it's maximum recommended video card! What do you think? Do these things make a reasonable cheap option? I am all to aware of the recommended PC specifications for our hobby but it's not going to happen any time soon for me so I'm happy to carry on learning with bottom line equipment. Any advice or suggestions would be very much appreciated. Mark
    Excellent livery! Unfortunately the flightdeck night bitmap issue has still not been addressd.
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