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  1. Hey smokemjosh, you should have handed those in for the competition; especially the second one: very interesting angle and high-quality picture. Thumbs up!!
  2. Super! Danke für die schnelle Hilfe. Funktioniert jetzt wieder einwandfrei! Gruß, hobeprime
  3. Hello, I am sorry that I am obviously unable to make my point. That's probably entirely my fault, so I'm really sorry! In order to install anything, I run WinXP in AdminMode. Everything is well. In order to fly online, I prefer my computer to run on RestrictedMode. Still all is well. As soon as I have opened AEShelp in RestrictedMode (e.g. in order to check whether an airport is actually activated or to check aircraft settings) the Overland airports go offline. Those are the only ones which do so. In order to bring them back online, I need to change to AdminMode again. Hopefully, this makes the matter clearer. It's not a real problem but only a little nuisance as I have to remember to check whether the Overland airports are online every time I plan to fly online (which is rare ). Kind regards, hobeprime
  4. Ich habe überlappende Texturen der Einparkhilfen im AES (siehe anhängendes Bild: EDDK GAP2X im FS9). Kann mir jemand einen Tipp geben, woran das liegt? Danke!
  5. I need to row back some way there: Today I flew online to Tokio (restricted mode again) and had completely forgotten to switch to admin mode. But upon landing, AES worked nontheless. Only after I had opened AEShelp did I get the warnings and the Overland warnings. Thus my hypothesis is: Switch from admin to restricted mode and as soon as you open AEShelp, it doesn't work anymore...
  6. Thanks for the answer, I have only one scenery.cfg (and loads of backups). I see the Overlands in the AESHelp, but they're switched off. And yes, I get a warning from AES help. It does only concern my two installed Overland airports. I can't switch them on in restricted mode but I can in administrator mode. All the other 86 AES airports work fine. That's no big deal though, as I have more add-ons that only work in administrator mode (e.g. ActiveCamera). I can live with it, just wanted to point it out to other users.
  7. My interesting experience is that after installation of the update I could activate AES again but only in administrator mode. As I do not like to fly online with administrator's rights I switched those off again. With the restricted account though, all my Overland sceneries have gone into off-mode. That means: If I'd like to fly to Japan or Korea, I have to switch to administrator's mode, reactivate those airports in AESHELP and fly ten, twelve hours with an increased security risk for my computer. Just, if anyone is interested... Regards, hobeprime
  8. Super, das hat jetzt wunderbar geklappt!! Dankeschön ! Dennis
  9. Hallo, aus irgendeinem Grund (Virus nicht ausgeschlossen) hat's meinen FS9 zerbröselt. Habe alles deinstalliert und gelöscht und bin jetzt an der Neuinstallation. Beim Mega Airport Madrid erklärt der Installer immer, Madrid2008 sei schon installiert, ich solle es erst deinstallieren ehe ich es neu installiere. Problem: Es ist nichts da, was man noch deinstallieren könnte. Ich habe in der Registry nachgeschaut, kann aber auch keinen Verweis finden. In welchem versteckten File kann ich denn noch suchen, oder was muss ich tun? Danke & Gruß, Dennis EDIT (23:05 Uhr): Habe sechszehn weitere Aerosoft-Szenerien installiert - ging alles problemlos. Nur Madrid will sich nicht mehr installieren lassen. Kann man den Installer irgendwie umgehen? Wo sucht der, um rauszufinden, ob die Szenerie schon installiert ist???
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