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  1. Version 1.0


    Ground Services and Catering Trucks for Sweden: - SAS Ground Services for Stockholm Arlanda - Gate Gourmet for Stockholm Arlanda - Shell Fuel Pump for Stockholm Arlanda - Swedavia Small and big bus for Stockholm Arlanda
  2. Version 1.0


    Ground Services and Catering Trucks for Denmark: - SAS Ground Services for Copenhagen Kastrup - Gate Gourmet for Copenhagen Kastrup - Shell Fuel Pump for Copenhagen Kastrup - Small and big bus for Copenhagen Kastrup
  3. Version 1.1


    Ground Services and Catering Trucks for Norway: - SAS Ground Services for Oslo Gardemoen / Stavanger Sola / Trondheim Vaernes - Gate Gourmet for Oslo Gardemoen - SSP for Stavanger Sola / Trondheim Vaernes
  4. Hi, thaanks ..sorry but I will wait until the official paintkit is ready. Btw Oliver..can you have an option so we can equip the new guy with a jacket because it is cold here in Sweden now. I feel sorry for him to work in icy winds hehe Merry christmas!!
  5. Nice work Oliver, I love these new vehicles! I couldn't wait for the I have already started to modify the vehicles
  6. Hello Oliver When will AES be compatible with Scansim EKCH?.. Thanks in advance
  7. I agree..Please give us a FS9 version Regards Niclas
  8. Great news about UK2000..but what about Swedflight ? Niclas
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