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Airport vehicle package for Stuttgart EDDS 1.0

About This File

A complete package of all apron vehicles in Stuttgart:

  • All pusher except of A380
  • All caterer (SCK & LSG)
  • Cleaning
  • Water
  • Stairs
  • Belt-&Containerloader
  • FollowMe
  • FuelPump
  • DeIcing
  • All busses

    Three files are available:

  1. AES Stuttgart EDDS FS9&FSX: for FSX and FS9 with DXT1 textures
  2. AES Stuttgart EDDS FSX ONLY-Part 1: ONLY for FSX (with High-End PC-Configuration) with HQ textures (looks much more better in the night).
  3. AES Stuttgart EDDS FSX ONLY-Part 2

Download both parts for all vehicles in the HQ-version!

Known issues:


You are ready for boarding ;)

Happy flights!






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