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  1. A good Sevilla Scenery and maybe a new Version of Venice would be really cool.
  2. Is somebody able to make a Repaint for the new Sundair Airbus?
  3. Because I'm a big Fan of Spain, Almeira and Jerez i.e would be also nice (The most other big Spanish -Airports are already in Progress ) to see. Before that, the CS100/300 may would be more interessting, because Aerosoft serve a lot on the European Market (as far as I know)
  4. I know that planes are very hard to be done, but I would really be interessted in the Bombardier CS100/300. It's a wonderful, new Plane and there's no good Addon out right now. I would be very thankful for a CS100/300 Addon by Aerosoft. Cheers! Picture removed by moderator. Unless you can demonstrate copyright, please just post a link to the picture.
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