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  1. Airtrooper

    PBR for Lightnings?

    One option is to export your Gmax models and load into Quixel (also happens to be discounted at the moment!), providing you happen to be a Photoshop user? This seems to be working well. Lots of discussion and instruction here: Andy
  2. Airtrooper

    PBR for Lightnings?

    The Lightning would make a fantastic subject for PBR textures in P3D v4.3... are upgrades being considered?
  3. Thanks for the reply Mathijs. I meant the whole scenery area, rather than the airfields themselves...?
  4. Did you buy stereo imagery and therefore make your own mesh using photogrammetry?
  5. With a significant new version of a sim available I'm now eager to know when upgrades to my favorite addons are released. These may take a while, which is fine, and I want to chill out rather than continually checking the forum. Is there a way of setting up automatic email announcements of upgrades for existing customers? Many thanks Andy
  6. Airtrooper

    Frightning T4 / 5

    I will buy the T5 the instant it is published! I'd really like to see the same materials and textures back-dated to the F3 and F6, both of which I own and love flying. Given that the lighting (and therefore use of materials) is slightly different in the more recent versions of Prepar3D will there be different texture sets (and paintkit) for the two sims? Andy
  7. Airtrooper

    Retro Gibraltar

    I'd also like to see the cruise ships and tankers as AI traffic rather than static objects. That way 1) they won't seem so false because they'll always in the same place, day or night, year round; and 2) they can be edited by users to make schedules of their own choice, including replacing the ships with those of their choice, retro or otherwise. Perhaps such a modification from static to AI ships could be included in the next Gibraltar X update?? Many thanks indeed Andy
  8. Airtrooper

    Helgoland X updated to 1.10

    Hi Sascha, Many thanks for your reply. Yes, that is correct. No, I expect not. Absolutely, and I have raised it on other threads. From what I recall there was an aspiration to make all new Installers/Updaters non-drive specific. The reason I've raised it here (rather than where I raised it before) is because the Helgoland Updater is new and I would've thought that by now this and all new Updaters would've be made non-drive specific. You are of course correct and I agree its time I started another thread about this elsewhere on the forum... Although we're certainly a minority, there are a large number of us who load our scenery on a 2nd, 3rd or other hard drive and not the same drive as FSX. Many thanks again Andy
  9. Airtrooper

    Helgoland X updated to 1.10

    How can I go about applying this update if I have my Helgoland scenery installed on a drive other than the FSX drive?? Its frustrating enough that the Aerosoft Installers only allow you to install scenery to the same drive as FSX, but now its even more frustrating that having managed to move the scenery across to the drive of my choice the Update believes I don't have Helgoland installed! Even if Aerosoft won't change the Installer can you PLEASE at least change the Update so it recognises Helgoland on other drives.... its driving me nuts here! Many thanks in advance. Andy
  10. Airtrooper

    Installing scenery on alternative hard drive

    Hi Shaun, Many thanks for your reply, which confirms my suspicions. I'd reckoned the Installers are looking for FSX.exe, and that I'd have to relocate my Aerosoft scenery directories to my other hard drive. 'Tis a shame I have to go to that effort, given that I have a lot of Aerosoft scenery to install. Do you have a Suggestions Box? If so, could you add the ability to install scenery products to folders other than the FSX default. It would be wonderful to see the Installers updated progressively to include this. I understand that people like me who have multiple hard drive PCs are in the minority, but we're a growing minority. The relentless drive to squeeze extra FPS out of FSX is driving increasing numbers to install Flight Sim on a 2nd HD and scenery on a 3rd... or at least what was what came across on the many forums I read before buying my new PC. Anyhoo... that is my two pence for today! Thanks again for your help. Keep up the good work Andy
  11. I have several Aerosoft FSX scenery packages that I'd like to reinstall on my re-built PC. I now I have one hard drive for the Vista 64-bit OS, one for FSX Acceleration and another for scenery. I've tried installing my scenery on the 3rd hard drive but I always get the message "Couldn't find Microsoft Flight Simulator". How can I get around this? I've checked my registry and used the FS_Registry_Repair.exe utility, so this should be in order. I could install in the FSX directory and then copy the scenery across to the 3rd HD, but I don't want to have to do this for every single scenery package, and I want to keep my hard drives in order to save time on de-fragmenting.
  12. Airtrooper

    Super Cub ?

    I'd just like to add my support for a Super Cub for FSX... Count me in!
  13. Airtrooper

    HelgolandX, Pier 39 and Acceleration

    YES!! That was IT, I should have used Window's own Add/Remove Software facility. This initiated the Aerosoft Installers to properly Un-install, instead of me trying to delete things here and there. :oops: Once I'd done this I was able to install everything again (which took a few tens of seconds each, rather than the blink of an eye) and it all appeared in FSX with no error messages at all. Phew, what a relief! Many thanks for all your help. Hopefully this silly error will be of help to others in the future. Just to prove everything is working OK in FSX Acceleration, here is the default Danish SAR Merlin aboard the German frigate in HelgolandX. One of the big advantages of FSX Acceleration is that the ships now move smoothly and don't "shunt" (suddenly slow down, speed up and change heading). This makes them much easier to formate with and land aboard. Life is good again!
  14. Airtrooper

    HelgolandX, Pier 39 and Acceleration

    Okay, I unselected AND removed all the Scenery in the Scenery menu of FSX. When I restarted FSX I no longer got the messages I posted above. I then stut down FSX and re-installed HelgolandX. However, this was VERY fast indeed (blink of an eye)... too fast I thought. When I re-started FSX I got the same messages again, yet Helgoland SAR is not in the airports list... which makes me think it wasn't installed at all. It seems like the installer is only updating the scenery.cfg file and not actually installing the scenery where it should be. In fact, HelgolandX and the manual didn't even appear in the Start menu. A similar thing happens when I uninstall and re-install BeaverX. Pier 39 isn't found. Also, the Beaver is in the Airplanes sub-folder, but they don't appear in the selection menu at all (only the default Beaver appears). When I uninstall and reinstall is also goes WAY too fast and it seems like it is only updating *.cfg files without actually putting everything in place. The only difference is that BeaverX does appear in the Start menu (including the Manuals). I've tried deleting the Scenery, any Aerosoft things in the Start menu and deleting the BeaverX folders inside SimObjects/Airplanes/. However, it seems that nothing properly un-installs everything, so the installer is tricked into thinking everything is already in place and only the *.cfg files need to be updated. Please help!! How can I reliably uninstall everything and start again afresh?? Do you have an un-installer for your products?? Many thanks in advance Andy
  15. Airtrooper

    HelgolandX, Pier 39 and Acceleration

    Is it also safe to move the scenery.cfg away to another folder where FSX won't find it and then let FSX build a new scenery.cfg from scratch (like you can with fsx.cfg)??