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  1. Could somebody tell me where to find the above, I need to refamiliarize myself with it again after a long absence. Thanks
  2. Real names, yep I'm all for it. Just let me know how and I'll do it Don
  3. On my previous post re this, I did as Mathijs suggested and received a reply from Tom who requested more details which I supplied, but I had to send it via a new email as for whatever reason my email refused to send a reply email. The original support number is 4546, and when I replied, the system created another support case #4625. Now, I'm not sure what is going on, as I haven't heard back. I didn't intend to open another caser, it just happened. Somebody let me know please - thanks Don
  4. Seems I have made another boo boo - mistake. I read on Google under the Aerosoft banner "that the Male` Atolls", part of the Maldive Islands is a place you should visit"....the Prepar3D v4.4 addons etc, it goes on to list some aircraft. The way it is worded suggests that the "Maldives X" software is P3Dv4 compatible, so I purchased it and attempted to install it - to get the message the installer can't find the sim. I tried changing the install path to LM P3D but that didn't work either. Help please Thanks Don
  5. Thanks, get so used to looking in A/c folders, forgot about checking the "start" menu. Thanks Don
  6. Could somebody tell me where I can find the manual for my Twin Otter, it's not in the aircraft folder and I've looked everywhere without success. Thanks Don
  7. Thanks guys, now I'm totally confused. juergen, When I purchased P3D4, the installer put it into the Program Folder, not me, and checking there is no "as admin" option in that folder. I always run P3Dv4 in Admin Mode. Mopperle, IMHO your scenery library is a total mess. I don't know what tool(s) you use to mix up your scenery library in that way. I don't use anything (tools) for my library. As far as I concerned, where the computer puts scenery in my library then I have always assumed that's where it should be, except where I am advised to move it by a "read me" file. I have spoken with you before and explained that I don't have great computer skills and rely on you guys to assist and get things sorted. The only times I have moved things in my library is when I have been advised to put them as close to the top as possible. I find it impossible to move sceneries up or down, when some of them are ghosted out and can't be moved. I would appreciate some help as to why and how to fix it. I never experienced this before I moved from FSX to P3D. Simply do what you already have been adviced over at the Orbx Forum. Not sure what you are referring to here, what advice? Don't worry about LasVegas, it's now working. Oh, and why are the jetways in the Chicago airport in the sky? I thought I could fix that the same way as I did with the vector tool, but there is no entry in there for Chicago.
  8. Further to my post, I have a picture relating to the problem. I think there's something missing
  9. I have two US Cities X - Las Vegas and Chicago that don't activate, and both cities are still in default mode. Las Vegas I purchased a few weeks back and Chicago today. Both sceneries are in my scenery library ticked, so I cant understand why they aren't working. Help please. Don
  10. Hi Guys, In the new Airbus software, I can't find the flight plan file, and PFPX says it cant write to the one that's listed in their export file. I tried creating one but it didn't work. In my old version of the A318/9 there was one in the Aerosoft software. Can somebody please help with a location or some way around this. It's a real pain having to create the same flight plan over and over. Been through the PFPX ( ver 1.28) manual. Thanks Don
  11. Is there any chance that this airport will be updated to P3D4 v4.3 in the near future?
  12. HI Dave, Thanks for getting back to me. As soon as I got the MCDU Options Screen and deactivated the views, everything came right. No St Elmo's and both aircraft loaded correctly. Regards, Don
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