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  1. Hi Guys, In the new Airbus software, I can't find the flight plan file, and PFPX says it cant write to the one that's listed in their export file. I tried creating one but it didn't work. In my old version of the A318/9 there was one in the Aerosoft software. Can somebody please help with a location or some way around this. It's a real pain having to create the same flight plan over and over. Been through the PFPX ( ver 1.28) manual. Thanks Don
  2. Aussieflyer38

    Dublin International Airport

    Is there any chance that this airport will be updated to P3D4 v4.3 in the near future?
  3. Aussieflyer38

    Download wont finish

    HI Dave, Thanks for getting back to me. As soon as I got the MCDU Options Screen and deactivated the views, everything came right. No St Elmo's and both aircraft loaded correctly. Regards, Don
  4. Aussieflyer38

    Download wont finish

    Some help here would be nice
  5. Aussieflyer38

    Download wont finish

    I am sure this topic does also apply to you. You are on P3Dv4.3, but it looks like you have updated from a previous version. Yes I am on P3D4 v4.3, lets clarify. I have a BRAND NEW computer and my version of P3D4 v4.3 was downloaded from LM on the 28/09/2018, so no I have not updated from a previous version - according to LM I have version, which is the current version which I have redownloaded AGAIN this morning, and guess what, nothing has changed. With the Aerosoft views #1 shows the exterior with 2 planes in the view - #4 is exactly the same view as the #1 - #5 is the same view as #1 the others are as they should be.
  6. Aussieflyer38

    Download wont finish

    Thanks Dave, I seem to be going around in circles and getting nowhere.
  7. Aussieflyer38

    Download wont finish

    I don't think that applies to me and my problem. I run Win 10 64 bit I also have Chaseplane, which I'm now beginning to think this might be my problem. But when I start A318/9 I cannot access the MCDU "options" to see to deactivate the views and see if that's the problem, both MCDU's only allow me two screens.
  8. Aussieflyer38

    Download wont finish

    Yes Tom P3Dv4.3
  9. Aussieflyer38

    Download wont finish

    Okay I now have both Aircraft downloaded and installed they both are the updates from Aerosoft through my store account and I have two issues with the A318/9 St Elmo's Fire and as soon as I load the aircraft, it immediately changes from the flight deck to the passenger cabin and freezes. The A320 does the same loads to the flight deck and then immediately switches views to the passenger cabin and freezes. Both aircraft are up to date through your "updater" Could I have some assistance please.
  10. Aussieflyer38

    A318/319 view problem

    Going through the manual bringing myself up to date with the P3Dv4 version. I had the A318 uploaded so I could refer to various things mentioned. All went okay, finished I shut it down. The next day when I went to upload in my sim (P3Dv4) I have St Elmo's Fire and after a minute the view changed from the flight deck to the passenger cabin and stayed there, I couldn't change it, it was frozen. I did the usual things, shut it down and reopened it, still the same. I closed it, shut the computer down and started again. Still the same. I've checked the forums but can't find anybody with a similar problem. Could I get some help please. Don
  11. Aussieflyer38

    Download wont finish

    Sorry to rain on your parade, I cleared my cache and purchased a aircraft from Carenado with the same file size and it downloaded without a hitch. I also tried to re download "MEGA Heathrow I purchased from Aerosoft and it wont download either, so don't tell me it's not an Aerosoft problem. I have also downloaded another file from Just Flight all okay. Better hit the books again and come up with a solution, I have paid for two aircraft and a scenery and nothing works.
  12. Aussieflyer38

    Download wont finish

    I downloaded the update for the A318/319 and the A320 from my download in my account. I assume it was the full installer, because your system put it there. Look Mopperle I'm not trying to be difficult, I just want both of my aircraft so I can fly them. I clicked on them, entered my previous licence code to get the discount and then downloaded them from my download which I assume is my shop account. The A318/319 has the St Elmo's fire, and apart from loading the flight deck wont do anything else, oh and the engines are running and I don't think that's right, and the A320 loads at the flight deck for about two seconds and then switches views to the passenger cabin and freezes. Don't think there's much more I can tell you.
  13. Aussieflyer38

    Download wont finish

    There wasn't any update until yesterday, I checked, so NO I didn't do the non existent update. It said, "there are no updates available for A318/319 v1.2.1.0" Let me ask you a question, so what now? I paid good money for this software, and I would like it operable - I would like a sensible solution, not have this drag on and on and on.
  14. I posted this once before, and it disappeared, must be there I just cant find it. I have just purchased the A320 update, but when downloading (with IDM) it stops at the first time 96% the second time 94%. The message just says "error". As I'm not a computer tech, I have no idea what is causing this, so I need help. Thanks MY system is Win 10 SIM is P3Dv4.3 Don
  15. Aussieflyer38

    How to update...

    Hi Tom, what do you do if it says "no updates available for A318/319 v1.2.1.0 I checked the updater and that's what says, - I have Elmo's Fire on start up and other problems. Don