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  1. I upgrade whenever I feel that FSX will benefit from that particular hardware. I am at the top end of components now as unfortunately it seemed that every bit of new hardware that was released would help! A very expensive "hobby!"
  2. I have installed AES on my new computer. I have entered all the purcase codes and so have all my credits back. Before I remove AES from my old computer is there a way to transfer all my settings over to the new install using files from the old install, or do I have to go through activation for all individual airports and reconfig all my aircraft again?
  3. I get the attached error message when starting FSX. I have tried in vain to find out what it refers to but the number does not match either the scenery cfg file or the add on scenery within the sim.
  4. I am intending to install FSX on my new Sandybridge Laptop. Am I able to install all purchased Aerosoft (and other party) products onto it while continuing to use FSX on my main PC?
  5. I do not have the 'Check for Launcher-Updates' option showing in my help menu?
  6. When I reinsert the credit seriel number it tells me that this has already been used (which of course it has) and I indeed have the 2v2.09 installed and EGKK v3.1 also but it is still saying I have not. (I have tried an uninstall and reinstall of both products with no success!!
  7. I have done a re-install and a few of my paid for airports are back to demo versions. How do I sort this out please? Also even though I have the 3.1 version of the new UK2000 Gatwick Extreme installed AES does not recognise it is such??
  8. Oliver. I feel really stupid now. As all the paid for airports were higlighted in Green and the top right hand corner of the AES Help Menu stated FSX I thought there were all active. Simply double clicking all the airports now shows FSX as a prefix for the airports and everything works fine. Thankyou for being so patient and helpfull throughout and I am sorry for keeping you from your dinner last night (apologise to your wife on my behalf) and also for staying up so late tonight to help me sort this out. Oh and congratulations on such an excellent program it really enhances my enjoyment of the SIM so very much.
  9. Yes!!!! It comes up for both airports.
  10. Here they are Oliver! AES Airportlist.pdf
  11. DLLStart entered PVS: alloc ID 00000000:FFFFFFFF (728*1 bytes) @ 0CB5C700 User Interface system initialized Recognized G3D.DLL version DLLStop entered PVS: releasing ID 00000000:FFFFFFFF (728 bytes) User Interface system de-inited
  12. I do not have that in the bin the nearest to that are the ones below:- VistaMare\Bin\ViMaIScnX.dll VistaMare\Bin\ViMaIScnX_AP.dll
  13. sorry here it is:- SimConnect DLLStart entered VMCX Init entered Module loaded at 16FC0000: H:\Program Files (x86)Microsoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator X\VistaMare\bin\ViMaNET_AP.dll H:\Program Files (x86)Microsoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator X\VistaMare\bin\VMCX_AP.dll loaded SimConnect DLLStop entered VMCX Deinit entered UI system de-inited Network TCP/IP deinit completed Module unloaded from 16FC0000 Menu system de-inited VMC_*.DLL unloaded
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