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  1. Mathijs, Rolf Problem solved. After much investigating....found a faulty audio cable. After exchange, all is good. Thanks Ed
  2. I must have inadvertently pressed some key, because now when the CL runs I can only hear the copilots voice. If I turn the speakers volume all the way up, I can faintly hear the pilot. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks Ed
  3. I did not choose any. It was performed automatically - I assume it just took the default path. Ed
  4. Rolf I have my "Documents" folder on another drive. But I did a search and coud not find any "Airbus A318-A319 Professional" folder! In my "Documents" folder I have a "Aerosoft* folder with the foll contents/sub-folders: ASUpdater DC8 Digital Aviation CRJ General - which has several sub-folders related to the A3XX: Company Route Editor Connect Pro Flightplans NavData Navigraph TerrOnND Flight Recorder That's it. Thanks for all your help Ed
  5. OK, I set the aircraft as before, i.e: Aircraft State: Turn around State Parking Brakes: set Chocks: set Boarding, cargo and fuel loading: complete Closed all doors: Can't continue with the CL, as the "close doors" stays on flashing: Apparently this is not unique as other users reported the same. Would appreciate if any of the AS developers could have a look. Thanks Ed
  6. Rolf I'll get back to you on that. I'm flying right now (with something else)! As soon as I land I'll check on that. regards Ed
  7. The Before start CL does not start and the "close doors" warning stays on flashing. Nothing works on the CL page afterwards. Regards Ed
  8. Just noticed in the updater that a new version for the A318/319 is available (ver 1.00.1) However when I click on "update select product", I get the message "ASUpdater has stopped working" Any ideas ? Thanks Ed
  9. No, "skip item" option is not available.
  10. Somehow I can not continue the Checklist after "cockpit prep" as "close doors" stays on flashing. Following conditions are set and/or met: Aircraft state at startup: Turn around state Parking brakes: on Chocks: on Load/Fuel page: Boarding, Cargo and Fuel: all steady green Door page: all doors closed. Appreciate any help and/or suggestions Ed
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