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  1. I am battling with the issue of the add-on.cfg deleting the Aerosoft entries at every P3d startup. I am talking about the add-on.cfg filke in the C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5 folder. All other entries (sceneries, other aircraft, tools)are still there but all entries related to Aerosoft (A318-319, 320-321, 330, crj) are gone which in turn produces the ND error message whenever I start a Bus. Here are more infos: Windows 10 P3d version: (running as Administrator) Aerosoft aircraft version. A318-319 and 320-321 = 1.4.3, A330=1.05, CRJ =2.5.05. Location of installation files: F:\MyDocuments\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons Path on XLM: <Path>F:\MyDocuments\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\Aerosoft A318-A319 Pro V5\SimObjects\Airplanes</Path> On another issue, the xml for the A320-321 points to a Fonts folder which does not exist! I have looked at similar entries in the forum and followed some of the tips and advice, to no avail. This is quite annoying as everything else in P3d works fine. Appreciate any help Ed Schlatter
  2. Hallo Secondator Thanks for the explanation. Regard Ed
  3. I have just installed the A320/321, A318/319, A330 and the CRJ Pro in P3d v4.5 (in that specific order). I found all aircraft installed in the folder F:\MyDocuments\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons – as expected. However when I opened the AS Updater, I find no A330! After some investigation, I found that though for the A320, A319 and CRJ the ASUpdater was installed in my F:\MyDocuments\Aerosoft – as it should – the A330 installer decided to install the AsUpdater in a different folder (C:\Users\Ed\Documents\Aerosoft) – this without any intervention of my part. So I was confronted with two ASUpdater in two different folders. But wait.....opening the ASUpdater in the C:\Users\Ed\Documents\Aerosoft, I ended up with: ....still no A330! Talking about confusion....... But wait that’s not all. Adding to the confusion I installed the A330 in P3d v5. Here again no problem installing the aircraft in F:\MyDocuments\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons. But the updater entry was added to the existing one for the A320 etc in F:\MyDocuments\Aerosoft folder and not in the C:\Users\Ed\Documents\Aerosoft as it did for the P3d v4.5 version. Opening the ASUpdater now, I see: Great, but sill no P3d 4.5 entry for the A330. Why the different procedures by the installer?. Very confusing – and it should not be. Thanks for any solution and/or explanation.
  4. Problem solved! After a clean uninstall of P3d and new install with the CRJ PRO as the only addon aircraft (also no sceneries and/or tools addons installed), all is good. Now its time to painstakingly find out which addon was causing the problem. Ed Schlatter
  5. I just installeed the CRJ Pro and after starting it, I detected that I could not start the Battery Master - the button works but with no consequence. Further I noticed that I could not switch on the EFB. On the image below one can also notice the Yoke in the extrem left position. Here are some important details: OS: Windows 10 SIM: P3d Version Virual C-++ 2015-2019 Redistributable x64 installed and active Failure does not occur with other AS products (A320 fam, A330). Also the previous CRJ version works without a problem. Also tried with following scenario: previous CRJ uninstalled - only CRJ Pro installed - same issue. Running both versions paralell: CRJ old works fine,m CRJ Pro not (see above). Appreciate any help solving this. Thanks Ed Schlatter
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