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  1. Problem solved! After a clean uninstall of P3d and new install with the CRJ PRO as the only addon aircraft (also no sceneries and/or tools addons installed), all is good. Now its time to painstakingly find out which addon was causing the problem. Ed Schlatter
  2. I just installeed the CRJ Pro and after starting it, I detected that I could not start the Battery Master - the button works but with no consequence. Further I noticed that I could not switch on the EFB. On the image below one can also notice the Yoke in the extrem left position. Here are some important details: OS: Windows 10 SIM: P3d Version Virual C-++ 2015-2019 Redistributable x64 installed and active Failure does not occur with other AS products (A320 fam, A330). Also the previous CRJ version works without a problem. Also tried with following scenario: previous CRJ uninstalled - only CRJ Pro installed - same issue. Running both versions paralell: CRJ old works fine,m CRJ Pro not (see above). Appreciate any help solving this. Thanks Ed Schlatter
  3. Hans Just to make sure I tried everything, I ran the P3d client again (as in "repair") and voilà !!! Everything working, all switches and buttons are visible again. Thanks Ed Schlatter
  4. Hans Yes that's my version. BTW, I issued a ticket to support on this issue with all the details. regards Ed Schlatter
  5. Something went wrong with the install, see images: any ideas. Thanks Ed Schlatter
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