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  1. 4 / 11 / 2018 - 11:00 AM Central US TIME From : The Jetranger Received this E Mail today from apparently AEROSOFT company over in Europe somewhere one can assume ,,,,,,,,,,,, Whatever this means,, have NO Idea what their trying to Convey nor exactly what it means in detail ?????????? "Completed" as in what exactly ?????????????? as in I received the Screen Shot Prize for February of 2018 ????????? one can assume that AEROSOFT shipped the supposed Prize to where ???? NIGERIA ???? South Africa ???? Iceland ???? Siberia ???? ISIS Terrorist members ????? We give up,,, because we have NOT received anything as of 4 /11 / 2018 After , After,, send several E Mails and messages thru Aerosoft including with "SCREEN SHOTS" , of the liked wanted Prize We've received NO Email Link to supposed prize - nor - anything E-Mail download , nor anything by US Postal mail !! Frankly,,, Were done with all this messaging and emailing and timeless effort going back and forth and nothing happens ! Evidently AEROSOFT doesn't intend to award & send the Prize & follow up with their offer & commitments,,,, as duly noted !! Frankly at this Juncture,,, were "Officially" thru with this "ISSUE" of NOT receiving the supposed wanted Screen Shot Prize for the February Contest and were done trying to convey that !!! It should NOT take 3 to 8 weeks or longer to award Prizes to Screen Shot Contest Winners This is the LAST Message to YOU - AEROSOFT on this ISSUE as well as E-Mails,,, NOT wasting anymore time in this issue !! Enjoy your AEROSOFT YOU TUBE Video TO COME SOON !!!! From : SIM HANGER / YOU TUBE The Jetranger !!!! The status of your order with the order number: 1143958 of 30-03-2018 has changed. The new status is now Completed. Best regards, Your Aerosoft Team Aerosoft GmbH Airport Paderborn/Lippstadt Lindberghring 12 D - 33142 Bueren Manager: Dipl.-Kfm. Winfried Diekmann / Sascha Baumhoer Registry court: Amtsgericht Paderborn Registry number: HRB 1989
  2. 3/29/2018 Holy Cow !!! I can't believe I WON !!! I haven't WON anything in over 20 Years !!! NOT even at the Casino's or the Lottery !!! I totally ecstatic thrilled , I'm breakin' out the Champaign tonight !!! I Can't wait to show all the guys over at SIMVIATION Web Site too !!! WOW - WOW -WOW , Thank You, Thank You very much , Kroswynd and Mathis ~ !!!!!!
  3. Hanger Hostress "Heidi" says Fly Boys can park in her Hanger anytime ~ !!! Aircraft : Alabeo Beechcraft Stagger Wing LOCATION : EKSB / Sonderborg - Denmark / Vidal Design creators Hanger Door painted by "ME" Jetranger !
  4. Thanks PAT, but I've already been a customer of Sim Market for several years now as well as others ! in the course of my 12 years of Flight Simming, I've collected over 400 sceneries and just over 4,900 Aircraft for my FSX Gold / Acceleration edition lotta Payware and some awful good Freeware along the way ! Cheers !!!
  5. That's that NEW Onion Holder to hold onions while ya slice them, can't fool me ~ !!!!
  6. 6/27/2017 Hello, I was surfing thru the Product Descriptions exclusively FSX Scenery products. I noticed that in the Descriptions of ALL the products listed (scenery wise) there is NO Organization as to what areas the Airport Sceneries are located. I'd thought they'd be more "Organized" according to where the Airport Scenery is located ???? as an Example : South Pacific Scenery / Airports South American Scenery / Airports European Scenery Airports Australia Scenery Airports Canadian Scenery / Airports New Zealand Scenery / Airports China Scenery / Airports ETC,,,,,,, If they were more Organized according to their locations, it would save a lot of time users searching for scenery & airports they were looking for. unless I missed something or a way to narrow down what I was searching for ???? The way it is now users have to click on the titles to read somewhere in the description hopefully where the airport scenery is actually located. Kinda be nice to know right away by looking at the product what area country location the Airport / scenery I'm looking at was located "without" having to Click on each & every product to read the entire description. Maybe I just don't know how to use your product page maybe, I Dunno' ??????? Thanks !! not a gripe just a suggestion
  7. Speaking of Heavy Transport Aircraft : Kalitta Air retired its remaining 747-200, which is one of the few remaining airworthy civilian models of the type. In 2010, it returned to service with Kalitta, and was officially retired on April 23. As to the ultimate fate of the airline’s contingent of flight engineers, Rhodes said “That’s kind of a sad story; the engineers have all been furloughed and are losing their jobs, although we do have some that are pilots that will be offered positions as first officers because they’re appropriately qualified. There just aren’t any planes with flight engineers any more.” 747-200 Cargo LINK : http://www.airlinereporter.com/2017/04/another-queen-bites-dust-one-last-airworthy-747-200s-heads-storage/
  8. Aircraft : A2A Boeing 377 Strato'liner Guppy Heavy Transport Version Location : El'Hierro Island / ICAO : GCHI Airline : Aerosoft Heavy Transport Division Delivering all those Scenery Downloads I order straight to my door,, via Air Drop ~ !!! World Wide Service available - for a Fee $$$$ ~ !!!
  9. Ohhhh Mr. kroswynd,,, its me again,,,,,,, Guess what ???? Joe Patroni sent me !!
  10. The Vintage Rare Howard 500 Propliner, Flying over Volcano, Fogo, Cape Verde One of the southern most islands in Cape Verde, Fogo is located between the islands of Santiago and Brava Sao Filipe (GVSF) Cape Verde Volcanic Island The Vintage Rare Howard 500 Propliner : http://www.deehoward.org/the-dee-howard-legacy/innovations/howard-aero-innovations/item/howard-500 22 Howard 500s were produced initially, with a further eight being converted from earlier PV-2s to virtually the same standard Of the 17 examples built to full Howard 500 standard, two restored aircraft remain flying !!!! (only 2).
  11. Would love to see The Hanger Hotel & Airport for FSX !! Location : Fredricksburg , Texas USA ICAO : T82 LINKS : https://skyvector.com/airport/T82/Gillespie-County-Airport 360* Virtual Tour : https://newspin360.com/tour/tx/fredericksburg/hangarhotelconferencecenter/ Fredricksburg FBO : http://www.fredericksburgfbo.com/ Old Time WW-II Airport Diner & Hotel Video : Video 1 :
  12. Aircraft : Boeing 777 Subject : Love is in the Air So are these Hott Beauties and their Leggs too ~ !!!
  13. 7/18/2016 I was just surfing to see if I could find a decent Airport for Halifax Stanfield International Airport / CYHZ / Canadian airport located in Enfield, Nova Scotia . But I didn't find a good one and all I have is the Default FSX one which is hokey looking to say the least. Matter fact I don't see too many Airports or scenery for Nova Scotia region ???? Link : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halifax_Stanfield_International_Airport LINK : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8a0QTcPd4U
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