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  1. Ok no problem. I'm just curious if it's difficult to put legacy lights into the model. Some people say on avsim they get a performance hit some don't. I hope LM optimizes it. I experimented with settings and it doesn't make a difference.
  2. I get a performance hit no matter what addon plane I use. I was wondering if their is an option to get taxi/landing lights to show up with dynamic lighting off? The new update is great but just need to see where I'm going at night.
  3. P3D 3.4, Cold and Dark, couldn't get GPU or Chocks to work.
  4. Ecosystem/aerosoft/digital aviation CRJ/ Sounds. There's like 10 files with TSS-bump.
  5. Don't have airbus installed and don't ECAMa Standard. ECAMa Normal is same size. Can you post the font? Thanx
  6. I have the ECAMa Normal as well.. I'm using p3d 3.4.. Resolution 3480x2160.
  7. Same in the some of the Learjets, have to arm reversers.. Must be a Bombardier thing..
  8. Hi Hans, I'm seeing the same thing with 4k monitor..
  9. Thank you.. I had LPMA twice in the scenery library.. Working great..
  10. Newest installer, only have ftx global.. 1.03 worked just fine.. I'm using p3d 3.4 .. So, what's going on?
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