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  1. Ok no problem. I'm just curious if it's difficult to put legacy lights into the model. Some people say on avsim they get a performance hit some don't. I hope LM optimizes it. I experimented with settings and it doesn't make a difference.
  2. I get a performance hit no matter what addon plane I use. I was wondering if their is an option to get taxi/landing lights to show up with dynamic lighting off? The new update is great but just need to see where I'm going at night.
  3. P3D 3.4, Cold and Dark, couldn't get GPU or Chocks to work.
  4. Ecosystem/aerosoft/digital aviation CRJ/ Sounds. There's like 10 files with TSS-bump.
  5. There is a warning on AS with enhanced turbulence, "may lead to altered aircraft handling feeling in some cases "
  6. tyacono


    Figured out how to change modes, have to hit enter button after changing standby mode.. Pitch is still way off showing 15 degrees pitch up at level flight..
  7. tyacono


    3840x2160 . Not only the overlap, can't change the modes or anything.
  8. tyacono


    Flight director still jumpy.. Still getting overlapping numbers/letters.. 15 degrees in level flight at cruise doesn't seem right either. Latest build 1.01
  9. Don't have airbus installed and don't ECAMa Standard. ECAMa Normal is same size. Can you post the font? Thanx
  10. This pic is from another thread, same deal with my system..
  11. I'm on p3d v3.4/CRJ 1005c.. NAV is tracking just fine, ILS is flying well except for the LOC intercept (A little late) and the MFD has a couple of issues with fuel estimated and time to waypoints not updating.. I have a 4K monitor and the HGS has some overlapping and the fpv is jumping around.. Just wanted to report. I'm sure it's all being looked at. I like an airplane where you actually have to pay attention instead of just hitting autothrottle/LNAV/VNAV and go vacuum or something.. Well done!
  12. The only thing I've experienced was a late LOC capture, GS has worked every time. I'm on p3d 3.4 though.
  13. Go fly a classic like the 727/737-100/200 where you have no idea where you're at unless you have high altitude charts, no autothrottle, no fmc, no moving map and can only use Control wheel steering and a basic autopilot.. The CRJ will seem like a piece of cake after that.
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