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  1. Hi Emi, it wasn't the FMC/MCDU, but your input pointed me to the EFB. The keyboard input was still active there, which obviously deactivates the key inputs to the Sim - which is somehow logic... Thanks, you saved my landing in Berlin 🙂
  2. Hi there, I'm writing this, so my keyboard is working. I have the A330 flying in P3D4.5 in this moment and just noted that the simulator keyboard commands (i.e. "P" to pause or "Q" to mute the sim) are not working. I had i t already on the previous flight, could not retract the gear with the "G" key (and not with the mouse either) which made me quit the sim and restart. After that it seemed ok ("G" worked) but now it is back as described above. I'm runing Chaseplane in parallel which accepts all keyboard inputs perfectly. Never experienced this with any of my other addon aircrafts. Any ideays?
  3. Noticed the same but also when in LNAV mode only.
  4. Just experienced the same thing, but still in climb. CTD when I tried to change the MFD range, even within the "limits", ie from 5NM to 10NM
  5. Great work I used another profile before but yours is much better Thanks
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