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  1. I had to add the entry manually to the scenery_addon.xml. It works great now.
  2. Here's the files you requested. add-ons.cfg scenery.cfg
  3. I downloaded and reinstalled. I have an SSD drive . I took off from Lukla, returned and turned around and it got stuck and crashed again. The trees I'm referring to are on the approach runway. I Turned down the autogen trees to medium as well. Mathjis. I got no appcrash in event viewer.
  4. I tried a couple of flight from Kathmandu and I get a long pause approaching scenery area and it crashes to desktop. P3D version 4.5. My settings are per manual. Trees are very close to runway as well.
  5. Thank you.. I had LPMA twice in the scenery library.. Working great..
  6. Newest installer, only have ftx global.. 1.03 worked just fine.. I'm using p3d 3.4 .. So, what's going on?
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