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  1. Jesus Varon

    Repaint request

    Hello, i want to know if its possible that John Glanville or DetCord can do this repaints of JetBlue but in A319 IAE. Thanks for your attention, you're the best. Thanks for all excellent repaints: Jetblue N646JB or N656JB, its the same: And JetBlue N608JB: Regards from Colombia.
  2. Jesus Varon

    Airbus A320 CFM SL Frontier N228FR

    Holgi it's back, welcome again, always excellent repaint.
  3. Jesus Varon

    Repaint request

    I request Airbus A319 Avianca N422AV red livery. Regards.
  4. Jesus Varon

    Repaint request

    Please this livery: Airbus A319-115 Avianca Colombia Red Livery N422AV COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL DELETED. SUCH POSTS, IF REPEATED, WILL LEAD TO A BAN FROM THE FORUM.
  5. Jesus Varon

    Planned and delivered (links and pictures)

    Dear Holgi, i have a question about the livery of A319 Avianca Colombia CFM red, i'll be waiting for this repaint, thanks for your excellent work. Regards.
  6. Jesus Varon

    Repaint request

    Ok DetCord, i ask to Holgi and i wait for her answer. Nice work with the repaints. Regards.
  7. Jesus Varon

    Repaint request

    Please @DetCord, repaint of Airbus A319 IAE fictional of JetBlue, in two liveries: and Regards from Valledupar - Capital Mundial del Vallenato - Colombia
  8. Jesus Varon

    Repaint request

    Wooh Holgi you are the best, i'll be waiting for the livery. Regards.
  9. Jesus Varon

    Repaint request

    Please Holgi, Airbus A319 Avianca Colombia red livery:
  10. Jesus Varon

    Repaint request

    @Holgi or @DetCord, A319 Lan Multiple, please: Regards.
  11. Jesus Varon

    Repaint request

    Please Avianca Colombia A319, Red Livery and Star Alliance Livery: N519AV N422AV