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  1. I rapidly scanned through many many pages and I'm sure much of this has been posted, but I'd like to add it here for consideration. * User modified scenery. Make it easy for me to add my house and share it with everyone else. * Version checker. checks the status of all your add-ons and has a rating system for them which lists compatibility. * Multiple sound card. Support for multiple sound cards. Have outside sounds on speakers, ATC on headphones only... * Multiple monitor support. This is a must for cockpit builders. * ATC voice recognition. When I fly for real, I don't push buttons for ATC choices. * Cockpit builders support. Make it easily interfaced for home pit builders. * Cloud shadows. * Pilot controlled lights. Click the mic to activate airport lights at night. * Push to talk. The one in FSX does not work correctly. * Instructors station. Because you know real flight schools will use it. * Modular format. Allows simpler upgrades and greater flexibility. Thank you for asking what we want. Have you started development yet?
  2. Yep. Sorry about that. I was'nt thinking. Thanks Shawn.
  3. Since you had to have had the info to create the model, can I have the cockpit dimensions of the Cheyenne? This would be awesome.
  4. Ok, for those of us (me) that have not been paying attention.... I have Cheyenne X. What SPs do I need and where do I get them?
  5. I do not normally say things like this but, Get over it already. If you are that flippin impaitent that you can't wait 24 hours then maybe you need a new hobby, or a totally new attitude. Or maybe you just need to grow up. And don't bother replying to me because I'm not going to be reading this thread anymore. You've sucked all the fun out of it. Sorry Mathjis.
  6. It was removed until they correct the problem. There was an incorrect file loaded it seems and a couple of minor issues. I suggest you give them 24 hours and everything should be fine by then.
  7. I can't be mad. Its just too funny.
  8. Change the word 'blanket' to 'twotter'.
  9. Ack! a whole 14 minutes and nothing yet! Quick! Someone get me a valium! . . . :roll:
  10. Here it is... 3 minutes past Monday morning SOMEWHERE and no twotter online yet... Some people got a lot of nerve sleeping at a time like this... :roll:
  11. What aricraft? What are your computer specs? What OS? Did you make any custom mods to the plane? What changes did you make to the computer just before this started? (Not just hardware) What version of FS9 are you running? How much RAM do you have? Give more info when you ask a question like this.
  12. Yes, perfect match for the twotter.
  13. Chris, What happened!? Someone swapped your picture with Christopher Plummers...
  14. Chris is exactly correct. I do quite a bit of real life flying private and commercial and no two airlines have the same set of call tones. Often you will hear two tones when taxiing and another set of two when about to take off. This is the Captain telling the crew whats going on. With the new Regulations, the Cockpit door is never to be opened in flight anymore so the Cap better get his drinks before takeoff. Make up your own codes.
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