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  1. I'm just curious when the Cheyenne V2.0 will be ready to download. Thanks.
  2. Well how many customers have ever seen a real Catalina in their whole life?
  3. After reading your design scope for this airbus I don't think there is anything wrong with it. But you picked the wrong aircraft. 737-200 would suit this project so much better. Most simmers who are interested in A3xx would consider an indepth simulation of FMGS & FBW as important to an Airbus as those two engines to a Boeing. Without some MAJOR efforts the airbus will come out and be perceived very much...NOT an airbus. Spend the same amount of efforts on a 737-200 and it'll be a product of beauty and applauded by most people. Just my $0.02. Jason
  4. Ah sorry I didn't know you have that much testing and assembling to do on your end. I thought it was all ready to go once it came from DA. Jason
  5. Come on Aerosoft. People waited all day yesterday. And it's still not available for download? Jason
  6. Your arguments are wrong and your attitude is rude. Sorry for the little you can ever achieve with that kind of a level. Jason
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